Introduction, Part Two

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Still grieving for the loss of the nighttime dance party ElecTRONica at Disney’s California Adventure and having been unimpressed by my first taste of its replacement, the Alice in Wonderland-themed Mad T Party, I figured it would be time for me to slow down my visits to the Disneyland Resort again to just a few times a year at most, with no place for music and dancing to keep me motivated to stay and return more often.

But some weeks later I found myself once more walking through the Mad T Party area. Perhaps it was morbid curiosity. Perhaps it was fate. But this time when I passed by the stage and saw the band performing, I looked up and saw… magic.

IMG_0832 sm wm 2

Everything that hadn’t worked the time before – came together now into one Wonderland brew of perfect T.

The Hatter prowled the stage like some wild primal creature – you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. Alice was his equal partner, matching him in energy and excitement and sheer fun and vivacity. And the Dormouse on guitar was a master musician who demanded your attention from the stage. This wasn’t just a group of performers singing songs – this was a BAND. A tight team with amazing chemistry that played with and off of each other beautifully. Plus, I noticed, they were playing some great pop music that was just my style. I was itching to rock out to what they were playing – I couldn’t help myself!

IMG_0730 sm wm 2

Now THIS, THIS I could get into. And I stayed for probably two band sets that night, utterly entranced, bopping along to the music. Perhaps, I thought, perhaps this could succeed ElecTRONica after all. A few weeks later I returned to find the same magic on stage. And again I stayed for the band. And a few weeks later. And again a few weeks later. And I realized I not only wanted to be there for this show – I needed it. This wasn’t my new ElecTRONica – this was my new Videopolis – only this time, I was old enough to make my own decision to stay for as long as I wanted.

And for the first time in my life, I bought an annual pass to the Disneyland Resort. For one reason and one reason only. I needed this place and this Mad T Party band in my life. As often as I could possibly see them. And it would change my life in ways I never expected.

Thanks to my love for this show and these performers, I was exposed and introduced to other amazingly talented people in the park and other shows I grew quickly to love (hello Dappers and News Boys and Royal Theatre denizens!) that I’d been completely unaware of – to the point where I realized that if I could go watch these shows and these performers every week, I’d never need to ride an attraction on any given day I was at the park and that I wouldn’t miss it for an instant because there was SO much else to do and see that I could barely fit it all in!

Thanks to this show, I found a whole group of wonderful people who also go to the parks on a regular basis just for the performers – a subculture of friends and family that grew from this one source. I found somewhere I wanted to go every week. And best of all, I found my place to dance.

IMG_1262 sm wm

I also found some things need another perspective before you can decide whether you like them or not!  Fortunately for me, I had that chance with the Mad T Party.

For the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to repeatedly watch some incredibly gifted people who I adore dearly and I want the world, not just the locals, to know how special they are and what joy they bring on a daily basis to so many park guests. So this blog is my celebration of them and of everything else in the Mousertainment world that I love. I don’t think it’s thank you enough for what they’ve added to my life. But maybe it’s a start. 🙂


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