Performer Spotlight: Alice @ The Mad T Party

“I want you to love me…”

IMG_2282 sm wm

There are really three qualities I particularly associate with this girl that make me always happy to see her.

The first thing you will discover is that she’s just the cutest thing ever. If it’s possible to kill with cuteness, this girl would be lethal. She is a bundle of sunshine – playful, precious and precocious. She has an appealing freshness and youthfulness to her performance that always makes her fun to watch. Just an absolutely darling girl!

Second, and in large part due to the first reason (see: cuteness) – she is just the most perfectly Alice kind of Alice you could imagine. From the moment I first saw her, she defined Mad T Party Alice for me. It just feels right watching her perform. She’s everything I picture Alice to be – and it just makes me a happy Wonderland fan to see her on stage.

Vocally, she has an incredibly sweet tone when she sings. She looks like Alice should look, she sounds like Alice should sound – she’s just so perfectly Alice-y, that’s why I loved her as soon as I saw her at T.

IMG_5819 sm wm

And finally, I love her relationally –

– especially with the Mad Hatter, Dormouse and March Hare. This girl is at her performing best when songs keep her interacting with the band. It’s easy to see why the boys in the band would “compete” for Alice’s attention. She’s coy with just a hint of coquette to keep it interesting.

The T song I most associate with her is Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” where she wraps all the men on stage around her little finger! And of course she has the audience in the palm of her hand too!

But just because she’s so great with the rest of the band, doesn’t mean she can’t hold the spotlight herself. She is the one I saw when I attended an “Alice-only” T, which is a very unusual occurrence. It happens when once in a rare, rare while, Hatter is unable to come to T, leaving Alice to host the show all by herself. Instead of the usual four band sets per night, an Alice-only T is generally only two sets. But in those two sets this girl more than held her own and left us shouting for more!

She’s also been known to help the guys out on guitar and bass!

IMG_7707 sm wm

This ever so Alice-y Alice is always a pleasure to encounter on a trip through Wonderland!

Is she your favorite performer?



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