Performer Spotlight: Dapper Jeremy @ The Dapper Dans of Disneyland

“Throw your cares and troubles aside for a while…”

Irrepressible and irresistible!

Irrepressible and always amiable!

I think to be a truly successful Dapper Dan, you have to have an old soul and Dapper Jeremy definitely does.

Jeremy is very simply an old school song and dance man. He has always reminded me of a young Mickey Rooney – with that kind of energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence in performing. He does everything with charm and a wink and a great dollop of humor.

He’s a joy to see and his happy, silly nature is infectious – whether he’s making a REALLY bad pun – and you can tell he loves to make the REALLY bad puns – or performing one of his trademark Dapper Jeremy moves (the hair slick, oh yes), he always makes the audience feel like he’s having as much fun performing as they are having watching him.

Slickin’ the hair back!

Slickin’ the hair back!

The first song I think of with Jeremy is an opening number the Dapper Dans do – “Hi, Neighbor”. His performance in this little ditty always establishes him as the comedian of the group and makes him stand out from the rest. Oh, Jeremy can definitely sing too – but the first quality I associate with him is the joy of laughter and playfulness.

The brightness of his grin always matches the twinkle in his eyes. He brings such good cheer to the group when he’s performing with them.

IMG_3141 cr

Maybe it’s because he throws himself into the show with such verve or maybe it’s that old soul that makes him one of the most convincing Dapper Dans selling all the songs and the jokes.  But whether he’s in yellow or green, it’s simply impossible to be blue around Jeremy! He can always make me smile.

Is he your favorite performer?


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