Performer Spotlight: Moonie @ The Bootstrappers

“Good morning to you, Billy Bones, Billy Bones. Good morning to you, charming Billy!”

Sing funny and carry a big stick!

Sing funny and carry a big stick!

Moonie is a clown.

In the greatest, classical sense of the word. He is an incredible physical comedian, both athletically and with the priceless expressions he makes. This is matched by his insanely quick improvisational wit which manages to completely mask his absolute leading man ability as a performer. But I think he’s most comfortable being the clown.

I don’t think I’ve honestly ever seen anyone having as much utter fun as Moonie does when he is heckling the crowd with The Bootstrappers. He was born for this.

Sitting down on the job!

Sitting down on the job!

He’s not only funny with the kids – he’s funny being one of the kids when he sits amid the crowd!

But what can be easily overlooked amongst the clowning around is the amazing sonorous voice he has whether speaking or singing – this man can PROJECT. His running commentaries during songs are so hysterical that it completely distracts you from what a truly good singing voice he has.

In fact, the first time I saw him, I was so busy laughing that I hadn’t noticed his singing at all until the very last song of the day, “Billy Bones”. Each of the pirates had the chance to sing a verse, and when it came to Moonie’s, for a brief moment, he stopped joking around and just sang – pure and deep and beautiful. I think my jaw dropped and I had to take a second look to see where that wonderful sound was coming from. The clown? He can sing like that? My head was suddenly filled with images of Gene Kelly in “The Pirate” and the Pirate King from Gilbert & Sullivan. This man is a lot more than a clown, I realized at the moment. And that was the second I became a big, big fan of Moonie’s.

Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ve got nothing on this one!

Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ve got nothing on this one!

Sadly, Moonie is apparently being held in pirate jail these days with scarcely any appearances anymore with his Bootstrapping mates. Disneyland needs to free him from his semi-servitude and return him as a regular Bootstrapper ASAP! He is one of the most talented performers at the park with a lot of fans who miss him greatly!

Is he your favorite performer?



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