Performer Spotlight: Sir Samuel of Morocco @ The Royal Theatre

“Play it again, Sam…”

Look ma, no music!

Look ma, no music!

There aren’t percentages high enough to express how much energy this guy brings to every show where he plays the keys! I love it when he enters the room with such bouncy zeal because it signals the fun is about to begin!

Always in good spirits and always prepared, Sir Samuel of Morocco (think about it – classic film fans should get the reference), as musical accompanist at the Royal Theatre at Fantasy Faire, is fully concentrated on the performance at hand and always jovially participating in it.

Always full of positive energy and cheer!

Always full of positive energy and cheer!

The timing of the shows and the comedy here depend on the timing of the accompanist. And Sir Samuel of the blue cape is always right on time.

Because he knows the scores to the productions here by heart, he plays without reading any music and can completely focus on the show. As a result, he responds instantly to the performers – if they take a breath – or tell a joke – or speed up their tempo or slow it down – he immediately supports them with musical emphasis.

And he plays the scores to each tale just beautifully.

Really, close your eyes and just listen to him play sometime. It’s delightful.

IMG_9412 cr wm

Pro. Pro. Pro. This super-talented guy always gives his all and therefore is always a pleasure to watch and listen to!

Is he your favorite performer?

Update 8/2/15: Sir Samuel has gotten a new summer wardrobe!

No cape for Sir Samuel during summertime!

No cape for Sir Samuel during summertime!


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