Mousertainment Movies: Top 10 Most Romantic Disney (and Pixar) Films

This seemed an appropriate week to take a look at the most romantic films that Disney and Pixar have released.

As with any grouping like this, it’s all subjective, but for me, these are “the ones”. There may be some unexpected choices included and some expected ones left out, but it should be no surprise if you’ve been reading this site that music plays a major role in the films and most romantic moments spotlighted here.

Now grab those tissues and we’ll begin!

10) Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  • The movie is all about a heartbroken Roger who worries he’s lost his love, Jessica
  • Jessica will do anything – even play pattycake with another guy – to protect Roger
  • Roger would face the danger of the dip for Jessica – everything they both do is motivated out of deep love for each other

9) Tangled

  • The lantern scene is a visually stunning and emotionally powerful evocation of “seeing the light” and love for each other
  • Flynn is willing to sacrifice himself for Rapunzel’s freedom
  • “You were my new dream…”

8) Pete’s Dragon

  • The story is not just about Elliott helping Pete find a new family – it’s also about Elliott reuniting Nora with her lost fiancé, Paul, against all odds
  • “Candle on the Water” – a brilliant song of longing and hope 

7) Enchanted

  • A modern pastiche on traditional Disney princess stories that manages to be utterly soppy and charmingly funny simultaneously
  • “So Close” – not just an achingly beautiful song but a sequence where you watch as two people finally realize they are in love and perfect for each other while the music plays on


  • Whether WALL-E is watching Hello, Dolly to learn how to get the girl, holding an umbrella over EVE in a storm, or trying to hold her hand – he is the ultimate romantic
  • EVE and WALL-E dancing with each other in space with the help of a fire extinguisher created an immediately iconic scene 
  • “Eeeeevahhhh!”

5) Lady & The Tramp

  • Does anything more need to be said than “a plate of spaghetti & meatballs” to the strains of “Bella Notte”?

4) The Little Mermaid

  • Ariel is willing to give up her world to be with Eric
  • Eric searches for and dreams of the girl who saved him
  • “Kiss the Girl” – a Disney song of seduction

3) UP

  • The most powerful depiction of a lifelong love story told in five minutes on film to THAT SCORE by Michael Giacchino – if this scene doesn’t leave you in tears Every. Single. Time. – you are reading the wrong article

2) The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • The ultimate illustration of longing and loss, love and sacrifice – with a rare unhappy ending to a Disney love story – it’s one of the darkest and most difficult Disney movies to watch – and also one of the richest and deepest (give or take a gargoyle)

1) Beauty & The Beast

  • Only the love of a woman who can see beyond the ugliness outside to the beauty within can make a selfish young man finally grow up and see beyond himself
  • The ballroom waltz with Belle and the Beast is truly where the monster begins his transformation into a man
  • This “tale as old as time…” is the definitive Disney romance – and the perfect film to watch on Valentine’s Day!

So there you have my list of the most romantic Disney and Pixar films.

Is there a movie you think should have made the list but didn’t?


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