Show Spotlight: The Frolicking Fjords (and The Tubadors) at Olaf’s Snow Fest

“Arendelle, Arendelle, such majesty…”

The Frolicking Fjords performing the song “Arendelle”.

The Frolicking Fjords performing the song “Arendelle”.

Yesterday we focused on the “Frozen Fun” show that was most successful in its execution – the Frozen Sing-Along. But I’ll admit, I’m just not as enthusiastic about the rest of the offerings that were introduced simultaneously.

Today we’ll take a look at the entertainment that can be found inside Olaf’s Snow Fest, specifically The Frolicking Fjords.

What are The Frolicking Fjords?

The Frolicking Fjords are a group of four musicians and a singer-storyteller who perform ‘traditional’ songs from the land of Arendelle to entertain the onlookers waiting to Meet & Greet their favorite snowman, Olaf. But for the most part, the song selections and performing style are aimed squarely at the young ones without much for the adults (unless you’re really into songs about hugs or being friends with a reindeer!).

As a “big kid”, I could always enjoy all kinds of performances at Disney California Adventure – for example, the now-retired High School Musical or Phineas & Ferb shows – because they were appealing and fun for a general audience of all ages.

However, the songs and stories of The Frolicking Fjords are really for the very little ones exclusively and that seems a wastefully narrow direction for the show. Even if they didn’t want a constant repeat of all Frozen music, perhaps some actual folk tunes or even just some classic Disney songs could have been performed? I just think there were alternate musical options for this show that could have been enjoyed by everyone – both young and “young at heart”.

It’s certainly not the fault of the performers though, who are clearly doing their best with the material given to them and who bring their full enthusiasm and commitment to every song.

Who are the performers?

The Frolicking Fjords

The Frolicking Fjords

The group consists of the “Fjord family” of musicians: Henry Fjord on a lute-shaped guitar, Harrison Fjord on the upright bass, the Fjord sisters playing violins and a hostess introducing the songs and singing lead.

Their costumes – especially the men’s outfits and the purple embroidered gowns of the violinists – pull from the brightness of the film’s color scheme and emphasize the nicer details of the ladies’ gowns.

When and where can I find them?

IMG_8937 sm wm

From now until April 30, you can find The Frolicking Fjords performing daily inside Olaf’s Snow Fest in the Hollywood Backlot area of Hollywood Land in Disney California Adventure. Disney has announced the Snow Fest will be closing after that date.

Also inside the Snow Fest, you can find the other musical entertainment option here – the trio of strolling musicians called The Tubadors.

The Tubadors!

The Tubadors!

The Tubadors seem to split their time between the stage and general wandering through the area, serenading the guests with Frozen tunes and more. I did not get the chance to see their show on the stage, but they seemed affable and friendly while meandering through the crowd.

Why spotlight them?

Henry Fjord with the hostess of the show and Harrison Fjord

Henry Fjord with the hostess of the show and Harrison Fjord

I’m not really a big fan of this show as I feel it just doesn’t have enough to offer everyone in the audience, and I won’t be sad to see it go in April. However, if you have some young children in tow, they might be royally amused by The Frolicking Fjords’ performance.

And they do have one very pretty song called “Arendelle” that would be nice to see incorporated elsewhere once this show closes. It’s just disappointing that the rest of the songs here are not at this level because this one is a worthy addition to the world of Frozen. If you do visit the Snow Fest when The Frolicking Fjords are appearing, you may want to stop and listen to this number in particular.

Have you dropped by Olaf’s Snow Fest to see The Frolicking Fjords or The Tubadors? Or did you head straight for Olaf or the snow playground?

Update 11/29/15: The Frolicking Fjords have returned to Olaf’s Snow Fest in a somewhat shorter run this season (the location is scheduled to close January 6, 2016).  And my understanding is that their sets this winter are a little more Christmas-themed.  However, since I also understand that their reindeer and hug songs have also returned, I have not!



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