Performer Spotlight: Rapunzel @ Mickey and the Magical Map

“If she’s here, it’s crystal clear, I’m where I’m meant to go…”

If you’re a performing princess fan, there is one place in Disneyland you simply must visit and that is the show featuring FOUR singing princesses: Mickey and the Magical Map at the Fantasyland Theatre.

And one of my favorite performers to see here is this girl – Rapunzel!

So of course the first thing you’ll notice is she’s gorgeous!

IMG_4326 sm wm

And clearly that can distract anyone – especially Flynn Rider!

Seeing the light with Flynn Rider.

Seeing the light with Flynn Rider.

But what amazes me every time I see her is her incredible singing ability – this girl can BELT out a song! And that’s critical for such a show-stopping number as “I See the Light” from Tangled.

IMG_4318 sm wm

It’s easy to be mesmerized by her beauty (I mean, just look at this girl!) – until you’re blown away by the power of her voice. How I love to hear this girl sing – even if it’s only for one song!

Is she your favorite performer?



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