Performer Spotlight: Pocahontas @ Mickey and the Magical Map

“What I dream the day might send, just around the riverbend, for me…“

Pocahontas is one of my Disney favorites, no doubt. Since I first saw her movie, I was inspired by her strength and her moral clarity. Many years ago, I loved watching “The Spirit of Pocahontas” show in Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theatre.

So it was a thrill to me (and a seeming nod to those roots) that Pocahontas was included in the current production in that same location: Mickey and the Magical Map. And therefore it will likely be no surprise to you that this performer spotlight will focus on this wonderful Pocahontas!

IMG_8764 sm wm

This girl brings such a power, dignity and poise to the stage that you cannot take your eyes off of her, whether she’s sharing the stage or not.

Pocahontas and Mulan during the princess segment of the show.

Pocahontas and Mulan during the princess segment of the show.

She also has an incredible voice that perfectly evokes all the beauty and longing of one of my favorite songs from the movie, “Just Around the Riverbend”.

IMG_8774 cr 2 wm

There are some performers who not only *sing* a song, but *convey* with every ounce of their performance and this girl is one of them and that always makes her special to watch!

Is she your favorite performer?


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