Performer Spotlight: Kip @ Red Car Trolley News Boys

“Minute by minute – that’s how you win it!”

IMG_3043 sm wm

One of my other favorite performers at Red Car Trolley News Boys is this guy – Kip!

Kip is the joker in the group, so he’s always funny to watch being a bit of a troublemaker amongst the rest of the News Boys.

However, despite Kip’s carefree nature, this guy’s performing is the definition of a professional – he gives 150% each and every time he’s there which makes him a delight to see.

IMG_3012 sm wm

He is always upbeat, always “on”. I’ve never seen this guy give a performance that was less than fully committed and he always looks like he’s having a blast and glad to be there! Which makes the audience glad to watch him too!

IMG_4413 sm wm

I’m always happy to see that smile, those dimples and that great, great attitude matched with terrific performing talent whenever this guy is around!

Is he your favorite performer?


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