Show Spotlight: Five & Dime

“Whenever you can spend some time, just look us up – we are Five & Dime!”

What is Five & Dime?

IMG_1646 sm wm

As the story goes, Dime was a shopgirl who the Five musicians discovered. She joined the band as their lead singer and went off to seek fame and fortune!

The approximately 15-minute show is a mix of American songbook standards with a slightly jazzy edge and some comedy bits. (It’s similar musically to New Orleans Square’s Jambalaya Jazz Band, only with a singer and a storyline added in.)

Like the Dapper Dans and Bootstrappers, however, there is an element of audience participation at times. And even if you’re “hiding” in the back of the crowd, you may get picked to be serenaded by Dime or guitar player T-Bone, so be prepared to be (affectionately) teased if you’re chosen! Generally they opt for a couple to play around with separately and then ultimately reunite. But another song (“Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”) involves any of the children in the crowd who want to go up and sing and dance along with Dime.

Who are the performers?

They’re Five and she’s Dime!

They’re Five and Dime!

The band consists of five musicians on drums and washboard, upright bass, trumpet, saxophone and guitar, along with the flirty and fun lead singer, Dime.

The show also includes a special guest appearance by a zoot-suited Goofy who dances along with Dime!

When and where can I find them?

Goofy stops by to dance with Dime!

Goofy stops by to dance with Dime!

This upbeat show adds some more energy and pizzazz to Disney California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street daily, usually stopping to perform between the Storytellers statue and the fountain across from the Carthay Circle Restaurant. Though occasionally they just drive through the area in their car while singing and playing music. Times are subject to change so check your daily Entertainment Guide.

Why spotlight them?

IMG_1590 cr wm

Along with the Red Car Trolley News Boys, as another of the great atmosphere-establishing acts on Buena Vista Street, Five & Dime adds a touch of jazz and razzmatazz to the area. And it’s a show that kids can participate in, not just watch. This goes for the lucky (?) adults chosen from the crowd too!

I enjoy the silliness and songs from this show, however, it’s one I only periodically visit as the Three Little Pigs segment tends to lose me a bit as a “big kid” watching the antics going on and I’m not sure the rest of it fully connects for the little ones watching either. (Though I think everyone can enjoy watching Goofy dancing the Charleston with Dime!) But I’m still a definite fan of several of the performers here!

Have you seen Five & Dime? Did you or your kids get the chance to dance along with them?

Update 9/13/16: I’ve uploaded several Five & Dime videos – Check out some of this show’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

Update 9/20/16: As happy as I was to discover that a slight variation of the Diamond Anniversary version of the show was being kept after the anniversary celebration had ended, I am now frustrated to have to report this news – but as of this past weekend, Five & Dime, which used to run all day long, is now scheduled for just six sets per day – down from ten.  I’m hoping this is temporary, and not a harbinger of things to come, but I’m saddened by this as they brighten Buena Vista Street with their regular presence.


Five & Dime Performers:

Performer Spotlight: T-Bone @ Five & Dime

Performer Spotlight: Slam @ Five & Dime

Performer Spotlight: Dime @ Five & Dime

Performer Spotlight: Baby @ Five & Dime


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