Performer Spotlight: White Rabbit DJ @ The Mad T Party

“You don’t know you’re beautiful!”

IMG_5829 cr wm

So I’ll start by saying she’s perfect.

White Rabbit DJ Wendy (one of several rotating DJs at The Mad T Party) not only plays the best selection of current and past pop music, but she plays it with such vivacity and enthusiasm that you simply HAVE to dance when she’s the DJ. No other option is possible!

IMG_2024 sm wm

Even without her glowing bunny ears, this girl would light up any room she’s in. This is someone who loves music and who loves to see people up and dancing so much that she always winds up dancing along herself! She’s always moving and grooving as the music plays and again, you just have to join in!

Bunny talk!

Bunny talk!

Certain people are clearly meant to do what they do and are just RIGHT at it. That’s this girl. She’s blissfully happy spinning those tunes and motivating people to dance and you just feel it being around her.

Love her. Love her music. Play and dance on, White Rabbit DJ Wendy, play and dance on!

Is she your favorite performer?


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