Character Spotlight: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit first made his character debut at Tokyo DisneySea in April 2014.

There was an immediate clamor to bring him to other locations worldwide, especially Disney California Adventure, where he would work so well in the park’s timeline and backstory of Walt Disney coming to California as a young storyteller. This just seemed an obvious fit as Oswald was Walt Disney’s original character success in the 1920’s.

There was even a perfectly themed store – the “gas station” at the entrance to Buena Vista Street called “Oswald’s” which carried a great selection of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merchandise! Where else would he belong?

IMG_7088 sm wm

Happily, he quickly hopped on over to Disney California Adventure a few months later, in September 2014, and has been appearing daily on Buena Vista Street ever since!

He initially could be found near the entrance to the Chamber of Commerce, just across from Oswald’s gas station, however I recently spotted him meeting right in front of the main entrance gate. If he’s not there when you stop by, check with the Chamber of Commerce to see when and where he’ll be out next!

One can find a pretty good amount of Oswald merchandise at the Disney parks with everything from pins to plush to t-shirts available featuring that lucky rabbit. But definitely one of the most popular items is still the Oswald ear hat.

IMG_7424 cr wm

A Magic Kingdom Cast Member wearing an Oswald ear hat.

And while Oswald is currently only doing Meet & Greets at Disney California Adventure, fans of the character who are visiting the Walt Disney World Resort may want to keep an eye out at the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream exhibit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. When I was last there, I spotted this poster on display:

IMG_7011 sm wm

Though it’s great to see him represented in various parks, I really do appreciate how having Oswald out visiting on Buena Vista Street adds even more authenticity to the theming and atmosphere of Disney California Adventure. I hope this rabbit is hare to stay!

Have you met Oswald yet or bought any of his merchandise?


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