Performer Spotlight: Miss Chris @ Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue Stage Show

“My days are all filled with an easy country charm…”

Well, hey howdy hey, Miss Chris!

Well, hey howdy hey, Miss Chris!

Miss Chris appears at the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, along with her friend Tex Tumbleweed, to entertain the lucky guests while they eat with some country music and a few Disney ditties too.

This girl is just pure natural beauty when she sings. I think she adds happiness to the world with her voice and buoyant presence. At the very least, she certainly adds it to mine when I see her!

She really is the sweetest songbird you can imagine and she utterly charms with both her voice and her kind bearing.  She’s terrific interacting with the kids in the crowd, as her gentle and genuine manner encourages them to dance and sing along.

Miss Chris in her autumn outfit.

Miss Chris in her autumn best.

One of loveliest singers to be found in the Disney Wild West, her vocals are really worth paying attention to. Even though the songs she sings here are simple, her voice elevates them to something truly special.

Miss Chris at Christmastime!

Miss Chris at Christmastime!

To say I’m a huge fan of this girl is beyond an understatement. Any time I can see her perform, I gladly go! She is personality plus and talent extreme – a gift to those who see and hear her. Superlatives don’t do her justice – she’s a true ambassador of the Disney spirit and it is just an utter joy and privilege to be a member of her audience. Absolutely wonderful.

Is she your favorite performer?


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