Show Spotlight Flashback: The Music of: Nashville

“If you think you’re gonna hear how much I miss you…”

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What was The Music of: Nashville?

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The Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree has been home to a lot of regular and seasonal shows and I think it’s yet to really find its perfect match as so many bands and performances are just dwarfed by the size of the space. But one show I really enjoyed seeing here was last summer’s The Music of: Nashville – inspired by the popular ABC TV series, Nashville.

It was fronted by local country music bands and showcased performers re-creating some of the hit songs of the series to celebrate the show and its soundtracks. It was yet another welcome splash of country music in Frontierland but sadly it only lasted for the summer of 2014.

Prior to each show, a Cast Member would hold trivia contests with the audience about the TV series and the winners would receive a copy of one of Nashville’s soundtracks, which was a great added promotion for the series and its music.

During the show, there was an opportunity to go up front by the stage and line dance with the performers which was great fun! The singers would also go into the crowd to serenade some lucky audience members.

Who were the performers?

IMG_5562 cr wm

When I caught the show, it was led by The Kelly Rae Band along with a featured performer from the parks.

Kelly Rae would sing Rayna’s songs, while the featured performer would take on Juliette’s numbers. There was a friendly rivalry between the two singers to mirror the competition between the characters on the TV show.

When and where could I find it?

The Music of: Nashville ran weekends at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree during the summer in 2014. I was hoping they might bring it back again this summer but no plans have been announced at this point.

Why spotlight it?

IMG_5495 sm wm

Like the charming Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue Stage Show and Farley the Fiddler (and the dearly missed Billy Hill & The Hillbillies – to be spotlighted at a future time), having live country music in Frontierland is such a pleasure and adds so much to the atmosphere of the area.

It was also great to hear such strong female singing voices out there – in both solo and duet numbers.

Did you get to see The Music of: Nashville? Did it make you wish for more regular country music at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree?


The Music of: Nashville Performers:

Performer Spotlight Flashback: Juliette @ The Music of: Nashville


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