Show Spotlight: The 80z All-Stars

“Oh, baby, please! Give a little respect to me!”

Nigel, CC Springfield and Devo 2.0 of The 80z All-Stars

Nigel, CC Springfield and Devo 2.0 of The 80z All-Stars

So the last two weeks we went a little bit country, now it’s time to go a little bit rock n’ roll! And one of the best ways I know is to enjoy some great 80’s pop and rock music with The 80z All-Stars, who are one of the best of the regular performing groups at Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland. It’s no wonder they have a very dedicated and adoring fanbase!

What is The 80z All-Stars?

IMG_3718 sm wm

The 80z All-Stars is an awesome band who sing all manner of hit songs from the 1980’s from Billy Idol to Prince to Bon Jovi – and they do it in proper 80’s style and fashion!

The band has their own choreography to the music with some signature crowd-pleasing moves.

Who are the performers?

IMG_3831 sm wm

The 80z All-Stars main lineup includes:

Nigel – the endlessly energetic man of a multitude of multicolored wigs on lead vocals

The Karate Kid – the drummer who rocks that 80z beat for the audience to dance along with

The forever cool Jamie Starr on guitar

And the one and only Devo 2.0 – a bass player who walks the line between the sublime and the ridiculous with far too much ease and who manages to make the fangirls both laugh and swoon simultaneously with just the wink of his eye!

The band sometimes has substitute musicians jamming with them, and 80z has one of the deepest benches when it comes to guitar players that I’ve ever seen! Honestly, they’re all so terrific that my ideal 80z show would probably have a different guitar player for each set because I always want to see them all! They each bring their own 80z vibe, but a few particular favorites would definitely include CC Springfield, Eugene, Mr. Roboto and QBert. There’s just a crazy amount of talent this group has to play with!

When and where can I find them?

IMG_1769 sm wm

The 80z All-Stars are one of the regular rotation of groups performing a couple of times per month in the evenings at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace. They usually plays 4-5 sets per night, depending on the time of park closing. Check your daily Entertainment Times Guide to see if the band is performing in any given week.

Mousertainment Tip: During the “off-seasons”, bands tend to perform only on the weekends at Tomorrowland Terrace, but during the busier seasons such as spring break, summer, and holiday time, bands including The 80z All-Stars can be found performing in the evenings all week long. So if you want your chance to make the most of Disneyland’s nighttime entertainment offerings, go during one of those times!

Why spotlight them?

Might as well jump!

QBert, Nigel and Devo 2.0 – might as well jump!

It’s far too easy to write off any band that sings other groups’ music as “just another cover band” instead of giving them credit for how good and unique they are themselves! But these guys are such hard working performers with absolutely unflagging energy onstage. They’ve been together for years and it shows in their interactions with each other and the crowd.

They’re fun, and yeah, even a bit silly (which pretty much defines the entertainment of the 1980’s!), but I have really grown to adore these guys with each successive performance I’ve seen and think they’re due their proper respect!

Have you gone to see The 80z All-Stars? What’s your favorite song that they perform?

Update 7/30/15: Nothing official has been announced and I don’t often deal with unconfirmed rumors, but I’m going to note that if you would like to see the awesome 80z All-Stars perform in Tomorrowland you might really want to go before the end of August. I’m also going to note that if you love the Tomorrowland Terrace bands like The 80z All-Stars or TOMASINA, that you might respectfully want to let Disneyland know that.  It can’t hurt and maybe it can help.  If anything changes or is officially confirmed or denied, I will update here accordingly in the coming weeks.

Update 8/19/15: And last night sadly yet joyously concluded (for now at least) the 80z All-Stars performances at Disneyland.  No official word on the future of this or other bands’ at the park.  However, we 80z fans are hopeful that the bands could return at a future date.  Again, letting Disneyland respectfully know that you love these bands and want to see them back at the park couldn’t hurt!

Update 8/14/16: Disneyland Resort recently announced the temporary return of bands to Tomorrowland Terrace.  While they did not give specific dates, it is assumed this will be just for August and September.  Fortunately, this means a few additional opportunities to catch the great regular bands there including the 80z All-Stars!

Update 9/13/16: I’ve uploaded several 80z All-Stars videos – Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel

The 80z All-Stars Performers:

Performer Spotlight: Devo 2.0 @ The 80z All-Stars

Performer Spotlight: CC Springfield @ The 80z All-Stars

Performer Spotlight: Nigel @ The 80z All-Stars


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