Performer Spotlight: CC Springfield @ The 80z All-Stars

“Sometimes I feel I’ve got to run away…”

IMG_0766 sm wm

Now this guy was the other reason I originally went to see The 80z All-Stars perform at Tomorrowland Terrance at Disneyland – CC Springfield is one of the substitute guitar players for the band. Sporting the classic heavy-metal hairdo that clashes with his sweet, goofy smile, CC is a great guitar player who I’m always happy to see playing with the band!

What I like most about this guy when he’s playing with 80z is that he just seems to so enjoy the escapism of playing into that 1980’s style. But there’s also an endearing kind of shyness about him onstage as one of those “quiet ones” that makes him a good balance to the more extroverted performers in the band like lead singer Nigel and bass player Devo 2.0. It’s like he’s both a little embarrassed by the silliness of it all but still secretly really enjoys the freedom of its expression too. And when he relaxes and just smiles, you can’t help but want to smile back!

IMG_0799 sm wm

It doesn’t mean he can’t take the spotlight when it’s given to him, but his best moments are those more quiet ones where he can just relax and forget everything and just play the guitar. He’s one of those internal performers that plays the music for himself rather than for the audience. I always find that harder to relate to, but in this case, he’s worth the effort to notice and pay attention.

IMG_0744 sm wm

I think it’s great when a band has a balance of personalities and in this case, CC Springfield works really well in counterpart with the other members of the group.

While rock guitar players often go for a flashy style, this guy’s appeal is in the moments where he’s just quietly and uniquely himself – eyes closed, just feeling the music and losing himself in it as we go along for the ride.

Is he your favorite performer?


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