Show Spotlight: TOMASINA

“I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier…”

Lead singer Tomasina, bass player Jim and guitarist Johnny performing at Tomorrowland Terrace.

Lead singer Tomasina, bass player Jim and guitarist Johnny performing at Tomorrowland Terrace.


Lead guitar player Robert and Tomasina at Halloweentime.

Lead guitar player Robert and Tomasina at Halloweentime.

Even the band name is so much larger than life it needs to be shouted: TOMASINA!

TOMASINA is one of the recurring bands that performs at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace and is the most rock ‘n roll show you will find at the Resort. Their main repertoire ranges from Led Zeppelin to AC/DC to Guns ‘n Roses, but even when they’re mixing it up playing Lady Gaga or Bruno Mars, somehow it’s still rock ‘n roll to me.

And yet, they’re also one of the most glam shows here too, thanks to the amazing fashion stylings of the one and only lead singer, Tomasina! Some of the favorite moments of any TOMASINA show are the seconds as the stage rises for the first set, when you wonder: what on earth will she (or the band if it’s a special occasion like Halloween) wear tonight?!

Who are the performers?

Robert, Jim, Tomasina, Johnny and keyboardist Steven dressing up as their favorite rock stars for Halloween!

Robert, Jim, Tomasina, Johnny and keyboardist Steven dressing up as their favorite rock stars for Halloween!

TOMASINA is one of the larger bands playing in this space as it consists of lead singer Tomasina, lead guitar player and singer Robert, bass player Jim, drummer Pat, as well as a second guitar player (this position may be filled depending on the availability of various musicians but lately has often been Johnny), and a keyboardist (another position that is also often filled with any of several terrific instrumentalists).

When and where can I find them?

Prom Night for TOMASINA with Robert, Jim, Tomasina, Pat and more!

Prom Night for TOMASINA with Robert, Jim, Tomasina, Pat and more!

TOMASINA is one of the regular rotation of groups performing several times per month in the evenings at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace. Generally these bands can be found playing on the weekends but during the busier seasons might be found on weeknights as well. The band usually plays 4-5 sets per night, depending on the time of park closing. Check your daily Entertainment Times guide to see if TOMASINA is appearing any given week – but happily they often are!

Mousertainment Tip: Tomorrowland Terrace is a very loud venue. If you plan to stay for a while, you may want to bring some earplugs to level down the volume or stand further back rather than right up by the stage.

Why spotlight them?

IMG_5272 sm wm

As far as I’m concerned, one of the most magical things at Disneyland park is a TOMASINA show.

I would say this is in large part due to the incredibly talented lead singer, Tomasina, herself. But I’m also a huge fan of the rest of her amazingly talented band too.

Robert is just so darned old school rock ‘n roll that I love it whenever he takes the mic to sing or starts doing a classic guitar windmill move. Jim is one of those quiet ones you should keep an eye on as there’s an appealing naughty streak about him hiding behind those sunglasses – I’m convinced of it! (This has only been reinforced by his Halloween costume choices that I’ve seen such as a devil or Alice Cooper!) Pat is just a mad-skilled drummer. Or maybe he’s just mad. And whoever else is on guitar or keys on any given night is always great fun too. This band is just a magnet for talent and I can understand anyone and everyone wanting to play with them.

A TOMASINA show is utter lunacy. It’s always unexpected and unpredictable. The band sets change frequently enough that even if you’ve seen them recently, each show is always somehow still new and refreshed while still catering to some crowd favorites as well.

But I’ll grant that they’re also a very polarizing band. TOMASINA is pretty much a love it or don’t get it at all kind of show. If you embrace the madness, embrace the glam and most of all embrace the insanely loud rock ‘n roll sung absolutely brilliantly by the ridiculously powerful voice of lead singer, Tomasina, you’ll likely love this band as much as I do.

But admittedly, they’re not for everyone. Just those of us touched by their special brand of magic…

Have you seen TOMASINA play at Tomorrowland Terrace? What did you think of the experience?

Update 7/30/15: Nothing official has been announced and I don’t often deal with unconfirmed rumors, but I’m going to note that if you would like to see the amazing TOMASINA perform in Tomorrowland you might really want to go before the end of September. I’m also going to note that if you love the Tomorrowland Terrace bands like TOMASINA or The 80z All-Stars, that you might respectfully want to let Disneyland know that.  It can’t hurt and maybe it can help.  If anything changes or is officially confirmed or denied, I will update here accordingly in the coming weeks.

Update 9/20/15: Sadly, last night was TOMASINA’s final performance (for now) at Tomorrowland Terrace.  But I remain hopeful that this is just a temporary loss while the stage is refurbished and that the bands may be invited to return by next summer.  Respectful comments expressing people’s thoughts on the loss of the bands would no doubt be welcome and hopefully beneficial towards encouraging a return of the bands to the Resort!

Update 8/14/16: Disneyland Resort recently announced the temporary return of bands to Tomorrowland Terrace.  While they did not give specific dates, it is assumed this will be just for August and September.  Fortunately, this means a few additional opportunities to catch the great regular bands there including TOMASINA!

Update 9/13/16: I’ve uploaded several TOMASINA videos – Check out some of this band’s performances here on the Mousertainment YouTube Channel 

TOMASINA Performers:

Performer Spotlight: Tomasina @ TOMASINA

Performer Spotlight: Pat @ TOMASINA

Performer Spotlight Flashback: Johnny @ TOMASINA


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