Performer Spotlight: Tomasina @ TOMASINA

“I’m going off the rails on a crazy train!”

Tomasina on “Prom Night”. For all of her outrageous costumes and wigs, she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen – she just glows.

Tomasina on “Prom Night”. For all of her outrageous costumes and wigs, she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen – she just glows.

So today’s entry is probably going to read like a love letter…

Because seeing singer Tomasina on that Tomorrowland Terrace stage at Disneyland, with her band TOMASINA, it was definitely love at first performance. And what’s so extraordinary about her, is that while still maintaining her core defining self, she is constantly trying something new or different or reinventing a style or a look or a song list, so that every time I see her perform, it’s like falling in love for the first time all over again.

Have I gushed enough yet? Nope, I haven’t even really begun. But Tomasina is one of those extremely polarizing performers who you either immediately get completely and utterly and are instantly drawn to and entranced by her… or you think she’s completely crazypants and you just don’t get her at all.  You can probably guess which side I fall on.  Oh yeah – Team Tomasina!

If I were to describe her – not that one truly can, as she simply is Tomasina – I’d say if Liza Minelli and Steven Tyler had a daughter – along with just a splash of Cyndi Lauper – she might be something like Tomasina. She’s a theatrical, offbeat, hardcore rocker with the soul of a poet and a voice to thrill. She knows exactly who she is and never compromises herself and that is the key to loving her. Every one of her fans – including the grown-ups – would likely say they want to “grow up to be Tomasina”. But what they really mean in their hearts is they wish to have the fearless honesty to be the truest version of their own selves as she is every time she is on that stage.

She is the bravest performer I’ve ever seen. She is vulnerably raw and fierce simultaneously.  She’s utterly independent and has a total and complete sense of exactly who she is. And that is why she is such an inspiration to anyone who gets that that is the point of her performances: be brave, be you, and who you truly are is perfect and beautiful. As she is. As we are. With her.

Did I mention I absolutely love her? Okay, just checking.

Tomasina’s Day of the Dead look for Halloween.

Tomasina’s Day of the Dead look for Halloween.

Another amazing aspect to Tomasina, is that she is not just an inspiration to her audience, but to her bandmates as well. I have never seen a singer who is so nurturing and supportive and mentoring of her band as she is.

She pushes everyone who plays with her to the next level, knowing exactly how much they can truly do – even if they don’t know it themselves – and for her they find it within themselves and rise to it. She just pulls the best out of everyone around her and I’ve never seen so many musicians grow so tremendously as those who get to work with her and let her push them out of their comfort zones into their best potential selves. There are nights when her band members seem to get up front with their mics to sing nearly as many solos as she does! This kind of encouragement and lack of ego is simply amazing.

If this woman wasn’t one of the most talented singers I’ve ever heard who belongs front and center on a stage, I’d say she’d make a heck of a self-help guru – she is exemplary and makes you want to do better and be better than you think you can be.

The Queen as the King of Queen – Tomasina as Freddie Mercury for her “favorite rock stars” theme for Halloween.

The Queen as the King of Queen – Tomasina as Freddie Mercury for her “favorite rock stars” theme for Halloween.

And oh yeah, she can sing her face off. Most powerful singing voice in the Resort, bar none.

This woman can nail Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns ‘n Roses or any other hardcore rock music you can throw at her – and then switch it up to include self-empowerment pop anthems by Katy Perry or Taylor Swift and STILL make them rock ‘n roll! And she does it all with her own brand of choreography and way of moving onstage that’s quirky and wacky and fun.

One brief look passing by her stage (‘cause when she’s on it, it’s hers!) and you might think she’s entirely bonkers (well, all the best people are!) or you just get her immediately and love her madly. There’s not a lot in between.

She is magical, iconic, authentic and uniquely Tomasina.

You don’t even have to ask why her fans refer to her as The Queen. What. A. Woman.

Is she your favorite performer?


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