Off Kilter Flashback – and The Case of the Missing Musicians

Off Kilter!

Off Kilter!

 A certain Disneyland performer’s penchant for wearing kilts leads me into a discussion of a group that is definitely missed at EPCOT.

Last fall it was announced that several very loved and very longterm performing groups at EPCOT’s World Showcase were not being renewed. In an example of constantly attempting to “refresh” the offerings at the park, Canada pavilion’s Off Kilter, Morocco pavilion’s Mo’Rockin, UK pavilion’s World Showcase Players and the American Adventure’s Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps bid their farewells at the end of September 2014.

To replace them, various new forms of entertainment were introduced including a flag-waving team in Italy pavilion and a group of performing lumberjacks in Canada pavilion.

This really made me sad to lose these classic performing acts as Off Kilter was probably the show most recommended to me when I was planning my first trip to Walt Disney World Resort a few years ago. I had so many people tell me to make sure to stop and see them that they were a high priority for me. Sadly I missed them on my first trip there as they were not playing the day I was in EPCOT. But I made sure to catch them the next time even if it was on a rainy day!

I was really disappointed to hear that they would not be at the park when I next make a trip to Walt Disney World Resort as Off Kilter is not only a talented group of musicians playing great Celtic rock and folk music, but they were really a tradition in the park for a lot of families and guests and still definitely drew a crowd. Plus, who doesn’t love a group of guys rockin’ kilts?!

I never had the chance to catch the World Showcase Players or Mo’Rockin either – though both were also highly recommended by friends – they are shows I now regret missing.

So the moral to this sad tale is: if you hear about a good show at the parks: GO SEE IT. Because it may not be there next time, even if it seems like it’s a staple of Resort entertainment!

Did you see Off Kilter or any of the other groups that left as of September 2014? Which were your favorites?


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