The Silver Lake Sisters – The Musical Group You Will Never See Perform

IMG_0003 cr wm

Right around the corner from the former Condor Flats/now Grizzly Peak Airfield in Disney California Adventure, you will find the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café. Here you can not only get your Starbucks coffee fix, but you can view the legacy of a musical performing group you will not see in the park: The Silver Lake Sisters.

The Silver Lake Sisters – Dolly, Dottie & Ethel.

The Silver Lake Sisters – Dolly, Dottie & Ethel.

A fascinating example of the amazing creative theming produced by the Disney Imagineers, in order to ground this location with a specific sense of time and setting, they created not only a backstory for “The Silver Lake Sisters” – Dolly, Dottie & Ethel, but an entire retrospective of the ladies’ careers!

IMG_9989 sm wm

Complete with performance posters and period photographs, the Silver Lake Sisters were clearly akin to the Andrews Sisters. I imagine they would have sounded something like Minnie’s Fly Girls.

IMG_9986 sm wm

The posters for this group not only portray their “history”, but the various locations they “performed” at also tie in to actual park locations such as The Hollywood Tower Hotel (aka the Tower of Terror) and The Carthay Circle Theatre (aka the park restaurant).

They also help emphasize the historical California and Walt Disney connections at this park as Walt and his brother Roy opened their Hyperion Avenue studios in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles in the mid-1920’s.

IMG_9993 sm wm

And while sadly these ladies only appear on the walls of this coffee and food service location, they are nonetheless a shining example of how much can be established with well-researched and well-produced theming.  Every time I enter the café and look up at those pictures, I can almost hear the strains of their music playing on an old time radio…

While stopping for your Starbucks in Disney California Adventure, did you also stop to admire this tribute to the girl group you will never get to see perform?


Update 8/30/16: So it looks like I’ll be eating my words! Today the Disney Parks blog announced that the Silver Lake Sisters will be giving special performances at the Tower of Terror… ahem the Hollywood Tower Hotel… throughout Halloweentime at Disney California Adventure as part of a farewell to the hotel! I’m hoping to catch a performance (or several!) to feature here.

Update 9/10/16: Yesterday I got to see a couple of performances by the Silver Lake Sisters on their first day at the Tower of Terror during Halloweentime.  I’ll be posting a full feature on them in the next few weeks, but for now I’ll just say that I think they’re the bees knees!


The Silver Lake Sisters perform at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Update 9/17/16: The feature on this show is now posted!  You can read all about them right here!


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