Performer Spotlight: Caterpillar @ The Mad T Party

“Let’s go crazy! Let’s get nuts!”

Jumpin’ Caterpillar!

Jumpin’ Caterpillar!

One of the wildest performers with the BEST energy onstage is this crazy Caterpillar on the keyboard at the Mad T Party in Disney California Adventure!

This guy manages to stay SO upbeat for every show I’ve ever seen him at – jumping and singing and playing along – you can tell he absolutely relishes every moment he gets to make music as part of this band!

Dormouse watching Caterpillar rock out!

Dormouse watching Caterpillar rock out!

A madman on the keys, his zest for performing and musical gusto makes every show he’s in so much fun.  He just makes me happy when he’s around because he’s so clearly always having a great time!

He’s not silly – but he’s joyous and bouncy and utterly excitable – which makes him so irresistible to watch!

And if he’s ever not in a good mood, I’ve never seen it – because he always exudes such positivity.

IMG_7519 cr wm 2

Always cheering along every song and ever ready with his power high-fives – this guy is such a live-wire spark of current that he helps power up every Mad T Party he’s at to the extreme!

Is he your favorite performer?


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