Performer Spotlight: Cheshire Cat @ The Mad T Party

“I wanna rock ‘n roll all night and party every day!”

IMG_2206 cr wm

It’s hard to catch a glimpse of this cool cat when he’s got his head down focused on playing, so sometimes you have to catch him when he’s standing up!

The Mad T Party band in Disney California Adventure simply couldn’t rock out without the Cheshire Cat laying down the beat for them on his drums.

And this cat can play!

IMG_5789 cr wm

This guy is such a hardcore rock drummer, completely focused on the music as he plays. He’s more of an internal musician in that way – guided by the music rather than concerned with the audience’s reactions to what he’s doing.

Serious and powerful on the drums, I can viscerally feel the difference when he’s playing, setting up the beat and knocking it down.

Some guys you want to watch play the drums because they’re stylish or flashy – this guy I just like to listen and experience the percussion through the speakers as he helps define the sound of each song.

He’s good. And I always feel the music as he plays it.

The fully kitty costume! Hard to see when he’s behind the drum kit!

The full cat outfit! Hard to see when he’s behind the drum kit!

And as hard as he is on those drums, there’s a real sweet, gentle smile that appears when he steps out from behind them. As if he’s communicated all he needs to with the music and then, he lets it go…

Is he your favorite performer?


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