Performer Spotlight: Dapper Peter @ The Dapper Dans of Disneyland

“You may search everywhere, but none can compare…”

Singing inside on an overcast day!

Singing inside a Main Street store on an overcast day!

With all due respect and appreciation to all of the absolutely amazing singers at the Disneyland Resort… there is one voice that always melts me completely – and that is the simply beautiful tenor of Dapper Peter of The Dapper Dans.

At times, Peter can also be found singing lead – and he’s good at it too. But there is just nothing else like the soaring heights of his tenor singing; and I think it’s forsaking his incredible gift of that pure, clear sound to not utilize him most often in that role.

Peter at Coke Corner at Halloweentime.

Peter at Coke Corner at Halloweentime.

His tone is so unique that I have actually identified it as him singing when I’ve been far down the street or he’s approaching on the trolley but still out of sight. Nobody else sounds like that. He just has an extraordinary unique vocal instrument that touches my heart when I hear him sing.

He always makes the group sound even better when he joins them – his voice always supporting and never trying to overwhelm. And it’s a particular treat to hear Dapper Jon singing lead and harmonizing with Peter – that is absolutely one of the loveliest vocal combinations I’ve heard.

Peter also has a gentle, friendly demeanor matching the sweetness of his voice that makes him so endearing and welcoming to encounter.

Peter singing lead at Christmastime.

Peter singing lead at Christmastime.

Dapper Peter has such a special, utterly beatific sound to his voice. It’s like audio honey to me, it’s so sweet. It is such a treat to hear him sing – just a wonderful aural odyssey that I’m grateful to get to experience whenever he’s performing.

Is he your favorite performer?


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