Performer Spotlight: Dapper Jason @ The Dapper Dans of Disneyland

“It’s amazing to see what four grown men will do to avoid getting a real job…”

IMG_0138 sm wm

You may have noticed that I started this entry off with a joke rather than a song lyric…

That’s because, aside from Dapper Jason’s lovely baritone when singing with The Dapper Dans of Disneyland, I still tend to think of him most prominently as being one of the funniest guys in the group.

He’s not the broad physical comedian that Dapper Jeremy is – instead Jason has crafted his own Dapper “persona” as the wide-eyed befuddled innocent of the team who gleefully delivers the jokes and naively makes his observations during the sets.  And it always plays just charmingly.

Doing the bunny hop with Dapper Jason!

Doing the bunny hop with Dapper Jason at Easter!

Jason is a natural team player – he never tries to steal the spotlight, but you’ll definitely notice him nonetheless because he’s just so amusing!

He also has a great rapport with kids (and grownups!) in the crowd as he is often sent out to “recruit” volunteers from the audience to join in a performance and I’ve seen his winning ways disarm and encourage even the most reluctant participants!

Dapper Jason at Christmastime.

Dapper Jason at Christmastime.

Jason’s timing and flair for comedy never fails to make me laugh. He’s an extra helping of smiles when added to the Dapper Dans mix – and I’m always glad to see him with the group!

Is he your favorite performer?


2 thoughts on “Performer Spotlight: Dapper Jason @ The Dapper Dans of Disneyland

    • I’m enjoying a wonderful day in the park with the awesome “J crew” including Jason, Jon and Jeremy (each of whom have been featured here) along with Jim who I’ll feature in a future article! 🙂 I’m also a fan of Dapper Zak 😀 and have some darling pics of him with the Dappers taken one day when they matched! 😀


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