Show Spotlight: Voices of Liberty

“Oh, beautiful…”

I was so captivated by the exquisite singing, I didn’t take any more pictures, sorry!

I was so captivated by the exquisite singing, I didn’t take any more pictures, sorry!

What is Voices of Liberty?

The Voices of Liberty is an a capella group singing folk, patriotic and Americana music ranging from “America the Beautiful” to “Yankee Doodle Dandy” to “Proud to Be an American”.

Although recently even Voices of Liberty was affected by the Frozen front that hit all of the Disney Resorts, as they added “Let It Go” to their repertoire. While no doubt a lovely rendition of the song, I personally don’t think it belongs in the set list of this patriotic group.

However, I think it is safe to say that no matter what they sing, Voices of Liberty provide the most beautiful harmonies to be found anywhere in any Disney Resort. Their stirring music fills the soul, heart and ears simultaneously.

Who are the performers?

Voices of Liberty are made up of a song leader and 8 (or 9?) other male and female performers in an a capella group.  To suit the theme and era, they wear 18th century style costumes.

When and where can I find them?

The Voices of Liberty can usually be found singing several days per week in the Rotunda inside The American Adventure in EPCOT’s World Showcase. Check your Times Guide for the schedule (which as always is subject to change).

The acoustics of this special location only enhance the amazing sound of this talented group!

Mousertainment Tip: This is one of the few entertainment groups at a Disney park where it is absolutely acceptable to just sit right down on the ground to watch them perform rather than stand. So go ahead and have a seat on the Rotunda floor and enjoy the music!

Why spotlight them?

Seeing Voices of Liberty was a high priority for me when first going to the Walt Disney World Resort as I’d heard so many amazing reviews of them – all of which turned out to be true!

It’s hard not to be moved emotionally hearing the beauty of the music and patriotic themes at the heart of this show. It’s especially affecting in the beautiful location of the Rotunda!

For a short period of time in 2012-2013, Disneyland Park also showcased a Voices of Liberty group. They would entice guests with a brief appearance outside the building housing Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and then give performances inside the theater there. However, they did not draw the crowds that the East Coast group could, and sadly have not returned.

Seeing the Voices of Liberty will definitely be a high priority once again when I next have the chance to visit the Walt Disney World Resort as their voices are so wondrous to hear!

Have you heard Voices of Liberty perform either at EPCOT or Disneyland? What did you think of the differences in the venues if you saw both?


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