Cars Land Lighting – A Magical Moment in the Park

“Life could be a dream…”

IMG_6176 sm wm

This is why I love to visit Cars Land right before sunset.

One of the most magical moments in all of the Disneyland Resort happens nightly at dusk in Cars Land in Disney California Adventure.

But even though it’s mentioned in the Entertainment Times Guide, not a lot of people realize that it’s a wonderful chance to gather at the end of “Route 66” and experience this heartwarming scene from the original CARS film as it plays out in real life!

The first time I watched this, it was literally like walking right into the movie. But every subsequent time has been just as amazing and joyous.

However, it can seem such a subtle effect, that some people miss it even as it is happening!

As in the film, the neon lights of the area are turned on to the strains of the classic tune “Sh-Boom”.

IMG_9836 sm wm

The lights start down at the end of the street by the Radiator Springs Courthouse and then move up Route 66 towards the front of Cars Land, gradually brightening the whole area on both sides of the street.

IMG_9842 sm wm

I’m not the only one who has the urge to dance in the street as the music plays.  It can be a romantic moment if you’re on a date night at the Disneyland Resort!

IMG_9847 sm wm

Mousertainment Tip: The specific time of this event is not called out in the Entertainment Times Guide because it can change each night depending on the time of sundown. So your best bet is to go up to a Cast Member in the area in the late afternoon or early evening prior to twilight and ask approximately when it is scheduled for that night. I say “approximately” because the Cast Members may not be able to give you an exact time. But even a general idea lets you know when you want to be in the area. I recommend standing in the middle of the street somewhere near Fillmore’s Taste-In to see the full effect of the lights coming towards you.

IMG_9841 sm wm

This is one of those beautiful occasions of absolute movie theming immersion that you can find in a Disney park. It’s such a simple, sweet thing to do, but it feels special and memorable too.

For those looking for a moment to just slow down and take a small amount of time to appreciate true Disney and Imagineering artistry at work, this is a great choice!

Have you seen the Cars Land Lighting? Do you have a favorite neon sign or lighted area along the street?


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