Performer Spotlight: Dormouse @ The Mad T Party

“What I like about you…”

The Dormouse may look like the typical rock star when he’s on stage at the Mad T Party, but at heart he’s just a guy with a guitar – and when he plays, he’s happy.

And it’s that unexpected incongruence of the look minus the actual attitude, that makes this guy so appealing to watch perform.

Oh yes, he can put on the rock star style when he has to – posing and shouting and leaping to the music…

Dormouse rockin’ out!

Dormouse rockin’ out!

I think to some degree he enjoys getting to be that silly and extreme on stage.

But what really makes him special are the quiet, unguarded moments. Where he’s not trying to act all rock ‘n roll, and he just smiles and enjoys being a part of the madness, and has fun interacting with his bandmates. Continue reading


Performer Spotlight: Alice @ The Mad T Party

“The invincible winner – and you know that you were born to be!”

This week happily happens to be the 64th anniversary of the release of Disney’s animated classic, Alice in Wonderland. And I can think of no better way to celebrate than to take another trip down the rabbit hole to visit with some more of the amazingly talented performers in the Mad T Party band at Disney California Adventure – starting with the lady of the hour – Alice!

Irresistible Alice... with a sleepy March Hare!

Irresistible Alice… with a comfy March Hare!

As one of the lead singers of the Mad T Party band, it’s Alice’s job to help rock the house – and can this gorgeous girl rock!

In fact, I often wonder if there’s anything this girl can’t do! She can sing her face off, she can RAP (ooh, fancy!), and at any moment I expect her to jump right in to help Dormouse play his guitar too!

Stand back, Hatter, and just let Alice sing!

Stand back, Hatter, and just let Alice sing!

All the while being one of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever lay eyes on!

She will knock your socks off when you look at her and when you listen to her! And even the boys in the band can’t take their eyes off of her… Continue reading

Performer Spotlight: Officer Blue @ Citizens of Buena Vista Street

Hi, Officer Blue!

Hi, Officer Blue!

First off, I’ll admit, I still don’t know them well enough to distinguish Officer Calvin Blue from Officer Clyde Blue of the Citizens of Buena Vista Street when I see one of them out and about performing their civic duties. But it makes it easy to just say “Hi, Officer Blue!”

So umm… I’m actually not sure which one I’ve got featured here (I’ll have to ask next time I see him!). But that’s brothers for ya!

However, what I can tell you is that Officer Blue is absolutely committed to serving his Buena Vista Street community!

Officer Blue takes his job very seriously!

Officer Blue takes his job very seriously!

Fortunately, he doesn’t take much else very seriously, so this guy is a lot of fun to strike up a conversation with!

And of course, he’ll happily pose for pictures if asked! Continue reading

Performers Spotlight: Citizens of Buena Vista Street

So now that you’ve met some of the Citizens of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom, it’s time to switch coasts and meet the Citizens of Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure!

Since its East Coast sibling park – Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort – also already had its own Citizens of Hollywood, I suppose it was inevitable that such an addition would happen at Disney California Adventure too.

And in 2012, when the newly re-themed Buena Vista Street debuted, so did its accompanying Citizens – all four… I mean six… of them!

Yes, it can get a little confusing, and even I had to ask Officer Blue to explain it to me!

Let’s start with the easy ones. One Citizen you may run into is Donna, who loves to go out for walks with her dog, Lady:

Donna and her dog, Lady!

Donna and her sweet dog, Lady!

Lady is a very friendly pup! But like with any dog, I have found that proper “etiquette” is to let her sniff your hand first to let her get used to you before you try to pet her. But then she is a very affectionate dog, often kissing people she’s just met! These two are always a delight to meet while walking along Buena Vista Street!

Next up is Phiphi the Photographer!

Phiphi preparing for an action shot!

Phiphi preparing for an action shot!

Always looking for the perfect photo opportunity, Phiphi has wandered the world taking pictures and would be happy to tell you about her travels, if she doesn’t get distracted trying to take a picture of you!

Now here’s where it gets a little confusing… Continue reading

Performer Spotlight: Scoop Sanderson @ Citizens of Main Street

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Scoop Sanderson is one of the Citizens of Main Street. “Officially” he is a reporter for the Main Street U.S.A. Gazette and can usually be found a few days a week wandering along Main Street at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom. (You can check at City Hall if he will be out on any given day – they don’t always know and may suggest you ask any of the other Citizens on the Street if he will appear that day.)

However, Scoop performs double duty on Main Street, not only singing a few songs on occasion with his fellow Citizens, but also as the resident pin ambassador of the Magic Kingdom for more than a decade!

Scoop is recognizable by his big smile and even bigger pin lanyard! Not to mention the big crowds of Disney Pin collectors that usually surround him wherever he goes!

Scoop shows off what has to be one of the world’s longest pin lanyards!

Scoop wears what has to be one of the world’s longest pin lanyards!

Scoop loves to trade pins with guests and his lanyards are often filled with rare and unusual pins such as Artist Proofs or Limited Edition pins! But there is one pin that you can ONLY get from Scoop himself and nowhere else in the entire world – Continue reading

Performers Spotlight: Citizens of Main Street

Normally each week, I tend to start with Disneyland-focused posts and try to end the week with Walt Disney World-focused posts. It doesn’t always work out that way, but I try my best to give the love to both Resorts!

However, this time I needed to start with the Walt Disney World Resort or else the Disneyland Resort features wouldn’t have a proper context and background. 

This week I’m going to spotlight some of the Citizens of the various Disney Parks, starting with the originals – The Citizens of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom!

Smokey the Fire Chief takes the lead in this performance!

Smokey the Fire Chief leads this performance!

While the Citizens do perform some musical numbers together (and they sound wonderful!), it is really the individual interactions with them that makes these turn-of-the-century folks so much fun to encounter!

Hildegard the Suffragette greets guests.

Hildegard the Suffragette greets guests.

From the Mayor of Main Street who will strongly encourage you to get out and vote for him – to Smokey the Fire Chief – to Scoop Sanderson, roving reporter for the Main Street, U.S.A. Gazette – to the various Suffragettes such as Hildegard – the Citizens of Main Street roam this Magic Kingdom area generally in the morning and early afternoon greeting guests and exchanging pleasantries of the day. (You can check at City Hall to see if and when they will be out on any given day.) Often one of the Citizens also takes the lead in the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show (to be spotlighted at a later date!). Continue reading

Show Spotlight: Main Street Philharmonic

“Let the drums roll out, let the trumpet call…”

What is the Main Street Philharmonic?

The Main Street Philharmonic at the Town Square flagpole for Flag Retreat.

The Main Street Philharmonic at the Town Square flagpole for Flag Retreat.

Walt Disney World Resort’s answer to the Disneyland Band is the Main Street Philharmonic.

As with their West Coast cousins, their music is a mix of Disney favorites and period pieces as they march to different locations in the park to perform. But their versions of songs are a bit more jazzed up and faster paced and they add a bit of comedy to their performance as well.

Unlike the more stately (original) Disneyland Band, the Main Street Philharmonic incorporates more choreography and interaction with the crowds as they play. Another difference is that unlike at Disneyland, this band does not have a conductor that leads them in their performances.

Who are the performers?

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The Main Street Philharmonic consists of a dozen musicians playing instruments ranging from various horns to drums.

Clad in their bright red and white uniforms, they are a cheery sight to behold!

When and where can I find it? Continue reading