Show Spotlight: Wishes

“I wish…”

IMG_7957 sm wm

Of course I couldn’t take a look at the new Disneyland Forever fireworks without reflecting on the wonderful fireworks nighttime spectacular at Walt Disney World Resort: Wishes!

What is Wishes?

IMG_7932 sm wm

Wishes is the current fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. Its storyline is similar to other shows at the Walt Disney World Resort (such as Fantasmic! or Dream Along With Mickey – both to be spotlighted at later dates) wherein villains try to crash the heroes’ celebration but the power of wishes and belief may just be able to save the day!

Who are the performers?

IMG_7865 sm wm

Tinker Bell flies over Cinderella Castle too!

When and where can I find it?

IMG_7951 sm wm

Wishes is performed nightly at the Magic Kingdom – weather permitting. See your daily Times Guide for the schedule, but bear in mind that like Disneyland fireworks shows, this too can be canceled at the last minute due to safety concerns for weather or other reasons.

FastPass+ reservations can be made for this show – check the My Disney Experience site for availability.

Why spotlight it?

IMG_7934 sm wm

I thought this show was breathtaking and beautiful – a classic Disney Parks fireworks spectacular. Just thinking of those musical notes, “Wishes…” sends shivers of anticipation up my spine knowing what magic lies ahead.

Plus, there is simply no way to take a bad picture here (really, there is no way to take a bad photo of Cinderella Castle itself!).  Every shot turns out so brilliantly composed thanks to the excellent execution of the creators and designers of Wishes – not to mention the castle architects themselves!

However, I would still give Disneyland’s former Remember… Dreams Come True my vote of preference for two reasons:

First, one area where Remember… Dreams Come True really had the advantage over Wishes was in the perspective. As Sleeping Beauty Castle is smaller, the firework bursts above seem so much bigger and more impressive. Whereas, Cinderella Castle is so immense and so tall that by comparison even the largest bursts can’t go high enough or look large enough to dwarf it – they “merely” complement it!

Second, in theming. As noted above, the story of Wishes is overly familiar, though still effective and enjoyable to watch. But it cannot compare to the unique celebration of its home park and history that Remember… Dreams Come True accomplished at Disneyland Park.  Although it should be noted that some of the opening soundtrack to both of these shows is similar!

However, since I don’t find Disneyland Forever (the fireworks component) as compelling as either Remember… Dreams Come True or Wishes – right now, given the choice of seeing either current fireworks show, I’d gladly choose Wishes.

Have you seen Wishes? If you’ve also seen a Disneyland fireworks spectacular, how do you think the two compare?

Update 2/12/17: Disney has announced that the Wishes fireworks show will be ending on May 11, 2017.  It will be replaced by the new Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular.  So if you want to say farewell to Wishes, make sure you plan a trip by early May!


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