Show Spotlight: Celebrate the Magic

“Celebrate a world filled with magic…”

Cinderella’s dress transformation at her own castle!

Cinderella’s dress transformation at her own castle!

Unlike Disneyland Forever, which combines its fireworks and lights displays into one simultaneous performance, at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom, the lights display Celebrate the Magic is considered a different show. I actually wish Disneyland could separate out theirs as well so that when something like high winds force the cancellation of fireworks, at least the lights display show could go on!

What is Celebrate the Magic?

One man’s dream…

One man’s dream…

Celebrate the Magic is a lights display show projected onto Cinderella Castle. It celebrates not only the magic of Disney music and films, but takes time to remember that it all started with a man and a mouse!

The UP balloons!

The UP balloons!

The show happily represents a breadth of Disney and Pixar films from traditional classics such as Alice in Wonderland to modern classics like The Lion King and Toy Story to recent or current films.

And since the castle hosting the show belongs to Cinderella, many of her princess friends are featured as well – from Snow White to Belle to Rapunzel!

Maleficent rises!

Maleficent rises!

To add excitement, the show is modified seasonally to include special moments such as a Villains segment for Halloween or a Frozen segment for winter.

When and where can I find it?

The castle looks rather mad like this, wouldn’t you say?

The castle looks rather mad like this, wouldn’t you say?

Celebrate the Magic runs nightly at the Magic Kingdom. Check your Times Guide for the schedule, which as always is subject to change!

Why spotlight it?

Alice wishes you all a very merry unbirthday from Cinderella Castle!

Alice wishes you all a Very Merry Unbirthday from Cinderella Castle!

Although I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing the Disney Dreams! castle lights display at Disneyland Paris, I would have a hard time believing it could be better than the wonderful Celebrate the Magic!

This was simply the best of the first attempts at using the digital mapping technology that has culminated in the ability of Imagineers to now ‘paint the park’ as seen in Disneyland Forever. I could watch this show repeatedly and still be thrilled, amazed and filled with joy!

Have you seen Celebrate the Magic? Which was your favorite part?

Update 10/28/16: The Walt Disney World Resort has announced that Celebrate the Magic will be closing on November 3rd.  It will be replaced by another castle lights show called Once Upon a Time, which begins November 4th.


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