Performer Spotlight Flashback: Jonny @ Main Street Ragtime Piano

“Let it go! You’ll never see me cry!”

Hello Jonny!

Jonny in his natural habitat – at the piano!

This flashback entry makes me incredibly sad as it features the musical performer (along with now-rarely-seen Moonie from The Bootstrappers) who I miss most at Disneyland Park.

Words cannot express how deeply the absence of this joyous genius is felt at the Ragtime Piano – both for his incandescent personality and his cannot-be-overstated virtuoso talent.

Jonny huddled intently over the keyboard.

Jonny huddled intently over the keyboard.

His hands would fly at an impossible pace as he could lose himself in the music and the madness of playing. But he never forgot the crowd around him – and could charm them to pieces while simultaneously thrilling them with his skill.

Jonny was mentored by the legendary Disneyland Ragtime Piano Player Johnny Hodges and has the distinction of being the youngest pianist ever to play professionally at Disneyland’s Refreshment Corner!

He played for many years at the Ragtime Piano but left at the end of Summer 2014 to pursue other opportunities.

Jonny on his last day at the Ragtime Piano. WE MISS YOU!!!

Jonny on his last day at the Ragtime Piano. WE MISS YOU!!!

Honestly, he is way too talented to limit himself to only playing at the park.  His unbelievable arrangement and performance of “Let it Go” from Frozen may be the most amazing thing I’ve seen EVER!  And I do hope the rest of the world gets the privilege of discovering this musical treasure that guests of the Disneyland Resort have cherished for years. But I (and all of the rest of his fans) miss him terribly in the meantime.

Simply incredible.

Is he your favorite performer?


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