Performer Spotlight: YeHaa Bob Jackson

“Your hair looks great, Bob!”

IMG_6960 cr wm

I’ll say it – without a doubt, the most energetic performer at the Walt Disney World Resort and definitely one of the best! What a show he puts on!

And to think, I almost missed him…

If you take anything away from this feature (aside from: go see YeHaa Bob immediately!!!), let it be a lesson not to skip Resort entertainment because you’re too busy at the parks seeing park entertainment!  Well, that and trust the locals to know where to find hidden treasures!

During my first visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, I thought I had a pretty good idea of the shows I wanted to see (oh yeah, and the attractions I wanted to ride and food I wanted to eat!). I spent a lot of that visit with friends who were locals and they seemed to approve of the majority of things I had planned for my trip. However, one specific thing was missing, they said. I needed to make time to see YeHaa Bob playing piano at the River Roost Lounge at Port Orleans Riverside.

Okay, lounge piano player, got it – I’d put it on the “if I had time” list. And then I didn’t make the time.

For my next trip, my friends insisted – if I loved musical performers, I HAD to see YeHaa Bob.

So we made plans one night and checked with a Resort Cast Member to find out what time Bob would be playing. We grabbed some food and headed over to the Lounge to check out his show.

And… I loved it!!!

What a fantastic, mad, high-energy performance he gave! As much an old-school comedian as a musician, Yehaa Bob was constantly interacting with the crowd – and then doing callbacks with them. He made sure everyone participated by singing AND dancing – this show is not intended for a shy audience! And it was an absolute highlight of that entire trip!

I stayed for two full hour+ sets (really, where does this guy get the energy? I could barely keep up singing along as he was playing for so wonderfully long!) with him and his rockin’ piano! No, literally, his piano rocks!

The earlier set seemed a little more geared to the kids in the crowd, while the adults were more the focus as the evening went on once it got past the young ones’ bedtimes. But there was always something to keep the grown-ups guffawing or helping belt out the tunes.

IMG_6961 cr wm 2

I am SO glad I finally listened to my friends when they said to go see YeHaa Bob – he is now a major priority for me and I can’t wait to see him again!

YeHaa Bob plays at the Lounge several nights per week, but I recommend checking with Cast Members at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort to confirm his schedule.

Is he your favorite performer?


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