Performer Spotlight: Dapper Cody @ The Dapper Dans of Disneyland

“We’re the original boy band…”

Dapper Cody at Halloweentime!

Dapper Cody at Halloweentime!

Let’s just call it as it is – Dapper Cody may be one of the younger members of the Dapper Dans of Disneyland – but he’s definitely the heartthrob of the group!

He can make the ladies in the crowd absolutely swoon with just a smile or a look – not to mention his gorgeous voice!

Wearing blue - but not feeling blue!

Wearing blue – but not feeling blue!

Most often found singing a beautiful, powerful baritone, Cody has also been spotted performing lead on occasion. And he’s terrific in either role. (But… I’ll admit I prefer the baritone as he has such a magnificent tone in that range! Not sure why, but his baritone always makes me think of mahogany – deep, rich, glossy, strong.)

When Cody is singing with the Dapper Dans, it can be challenging for me because I do love to watch him perform – he’s such a charmer. But I also just want to just close my eyes and listen to him too!

He’s one of my absolute vocal favorites in particular for the trolley car sets, where I can hear that wonderful voice actually singing up close rather than via the head mics the Dapper Dans wear! (Yeah, I still love them best when I hear them singing acoustically – because they can!)

Mousertainment Tip: The trolley car set is a great opportunity to really hear the voices of the Dapper Dans individually as well as in group form. Whoever you sit near allows you to distinguish their voice the most!

Dapper Cody singing lead with the Dapper Dans!

Dapper Cody singing lead with the Dapper Dans!

I’ve often thought if ever someone should have been in a “boy band”, it’s Cody. He’s got the appearance, the voice, and can do group dance moves… but that type of performing is just so not his style. And luckily for Disneyland guests, the Dapper Dans are!

Is he your favorite performer?


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