Performers Spotlight: Citizens of Main Street

Normally each week, I tend to start with Disneyland-focused posts and try to end the week with Walt Disney World-focused posts. It doesn’t always work out that way, but I try my best to give the love to both Resorts!

However, this time I needed to start with the Walt Disney World Resort or else the Disneyland Resort features wouldn’t have a proper context and background. 

This week I’m going to spotlight some of the Citizens of the various Disney Parks, starting with the originals – The Citizens of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom!

Smokey the Fire Chief takes the lead in this performance!

Smokey the Fire Chief leads this performance!

While the Citizens do perform some musical numbers together (and they sound wonderful!), it is really the individual interactions with them that makes these turn-of-the-century folks so much fun to encounter!

Hildegard the Suffragette greets guests.

Hildegard the Suffragette greets guests.

From the Mayor of Main Street who will strongly encourage you to get out and vote for him – to Smokey the Fire Chief – to Scoop Sanderson, roving reporter for the Main Street, U.S.A. Gazette – to the various Suffragettes such as Hildegard – the Citizens of Main Street roam this Magic Kingdom area generally in the morning and early afternoon greeting guests and exchanging pleasantries of the day. (You can check at City Hall to see if and when they will be out on any given day.) Often one of the Citizens also takes the lead in the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show (to be spotlighted at a later date!).

Scoop Sanderson steps up!

Scoop Sanderson steps up!

As with the Dapper Dans and Main Street Philharmonic, these Citizens add to the theming and atmosphere of Main Street. (Disney refers to such folks as “Streetmosphere”!) They also offer a fun opportunity to improvise interactions with characters that can only be found right here on Main Street, U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom since Disneyland’s Main Street does not have this kind of experience! However, Disney California Adventure does (to be spotlighted later this week!)!

Mousertainment Tip: You can also find the Citizens of Hollywood roaming the streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort. They are period appropriate for the golden age of this glamorous Hollywood locale.

Have you encountered the Citizens of Main Street? Did you have a favorite experience with one of them that you particularly recall?


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