Performer Spotlight: Scoop Sanderson @ Citizens of Main Street

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Scoop Sanderson is one of the Citizens of Main Street. “Officially” he is a reporter for the Main Street U.S.A. Gazette and can usually be found a few days a week wandering along Main Street at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom. (You can check at City Hall if he will be out on any given day – they don’t always know and may suggest you ask any of the other Citizens on the Street if he will appear that day.)

However, Scoop performs double duty on Main Street, not only singing a few songs on occasion with his fellow Citizens, but also as the resident pin ambassador of the Magic Kingdom for more than a decade!

Scoop is recognizable by his big smile and even bigger pin lanyard! Not to mention the big crowds of Disney Pin collectors that usually surround him wherever he goes!

Scoop shows off what has to be one of the world’s longest pin lanyards!

Scoop wears what has to be one of the world’s longest pin lanyards!

Scoop loves to trade pins with guests and his lanyards are often filled with rare and unusual pins such as Artist Proofs or Limited Edition pins! But there is one pin that you can ONLY get from Scoop himself and nowhere else in the entire world – and that is his very special Continuing the Tradition pin that he bestows upon guests who impress him with their enthusiasm and etiquette!

Mousertainment Tip: Don’t try to ask for one of Scoop’s special Continuing the Tradition pins, because he wouldn’t find that polite – and Scoop is very serious about people being polite and respectful. Saying “please, may I” and “thank you” will definitely be appreciated and may even be rewarded with a special pin trade!  But the Continuing the Tradition pin is only rarely offered and that’s only at Scoop’s discretion.

Scoop removes a pin from his lanyard to trade it.

Scoop removes a pin from his lanyard to trade it.

The Disneyland Resort sadly has no pin trading counterpart to the Magic Kingdom’s Scoop Sanderson, so if you would like this unique type of pin trading opportunity, you’ll have to head to Florida!

Mousertainment Tip: If you don’t have the opportunity to catch Scoop Sanderson for some pin trading, head over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort and look for King Pin – another of the pin ambassadors of the Walt Disney World Resort!

Have you traded pins with Scoop Sanderson? Or received his special pin?

Update 9/24/15: It is sad to have to report the end of a pin trading era – but the word as of this past week is that Scoop Sanderson has retired his lanyards.  And while you can still meet the roving reporter on Main Street, U.S.A., he will no longer be pin trading.

Update 9/8/16: Word has leaked that Scoop Sanderson will be leaving Main Street entirely as of October 8th.  Say your farewells now to a man who helped shape the pin trading hobby from its earliest days and charmed and cheered everyone he met in the park.  Scoop, you will be missed!


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