Performers Spotlight: Citizens of Buena Vista Street

So now that you’ve met some of the Citizens of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom, it’s time to switch coasts and meet the Citizens of Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure!

Since its East Coast sibling park – Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort – also already had its own Citizens of Hollywood, I suppose it was inevitable that such an addition would happen at Disney California Adventure too.

And in 2012, when the newly re-themed Buena Vista Street debuted, so did its accompanying Citizens – all four… I mean six… of them!

Yes, it can get a little confusing, and even I had to ask Officer Blue to explain it to me!

Let’s start with the easy ones. One Citizen you may run into is Donna, who loves to go out for walks with her dog, Lady:

Donna and her dog, Lady!

Donna and her sweet dog, Lady!

Lady is a very friendly pup! But like with any dog, I have found that proper “etiquette” is to let her sniff your hand first to let her get used to you before you try to pet her. But then she is a very affectionate dog, often kissing people she’s just met! These two are always a delight to meet while walking along Buena Vista Street!

Next up is Phiphi the Photographer!

Phiphi preparing for an action shot!

Phiphi preparing for an action shot!

Always looking for the perfect photo opportunity, Phiphi has wandered the world taking pictures and would be happy to tell you about her travels, if she doesn’t get distracted trying to take a picture of you!

Now here’s where it gets a little confusing…

So when I last stopped to chat with Phiphi, Milly the Messenger came by:

Phiphi and Milly (?) the Messenger stop to say hi!

Phiphi and Milly (?) the Messenger stop to say hi!

At least, I’m pretty sure it was Milly. Because here’s where it gets confusing. You may find yourself on Buena Vista Street and see TWO Messengers greeting each other (or TWO Officers greeting each other). That’s because there is not only Milly the Messenger, but Molly the Messenger too – and they might meet in passing on the street, though they are not frequently out together.

Usually (I think!) it’s Molly the Messenger who you find with the News Boys where she has a telegram to deliver to a new arrival to Buena Vista Street:

Molly (?) the Messenger and Mickey Mouse at Red Car Trolley News Boys!

Molly (?) the Messenger and Mickey Mouse at Red Car Trolley News Boys!

Both Milly and Molly are very eager to do their jobs and will always be happy to carry any messages for any other resident of Buena Vista Street. At Christmastime, they also accept letters for Santa! And sometimes I’ve seen them riding around Buena Vista Street with messages for others. For example, they’d call out “I have a message for a Jonathan! Is there a Jonathan here?” And if a guest answered, “My name is Jonathan!”, then the Messenger would promptly ride her bicycle over and hand over the message! Sometimes, they wouldn’t find their desired recipient though and would have to move on to the next message to deliver.

And finally, there is Officer Blue. And Officer Blue.

Officer Blue salutes you!

Officer Blue salutes you!

As Officer Blue (umm, I forgot which one, sorry!) explained to me – both brothers in his family, Calvin and Clyde, are Officers of Buena Vista Street. So like the Messengers, you may spy them shaking hands in passing as the Officers switch duty shifts!

I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sure what to make of these Citizens when they were introduced here with the redo of Buena Vista Street. Did they work with the new era and theming? Yes. But I don’t think that they or the guests quite knew how to interact at first since having “Citizens” of a location was a new concept at this Resort.  However, after three years with them here, having grown into being part of the fabric of this location, I can truly say Buena Vista Street wouldn’t be as much fun without them!

Have you encountered the Citizens of Buena Vista Street? Did you have a favorite experience with one of them that you particularly recall?


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