Performer Spotlight: Alice @ The Mad T Party

“The invincible winner – and you know that you were born to be!”

This week happily happens to be the 64th anniversary of the release of Disney’s animated classic, Alice in Wonderland. And I can think of no better way to celebrate than to take another trip down the rabbit hole to visit with some more of the amazingly talented performers in the Mad T Party band at Disney California Adventure – starting with the lady of the hour – Alice!

Irresistible Alice... with a sleepy March Hare!

Irresistible Alice… with a comfy March Hare!

As one of the lead singers of the Mad T Party band, it’s Alice’s job to help rock the house – and can this gorgeous girl rock!

In fact, I often wonder if there’s anything this girl can’t do! She can sing her face off, she can RAP (ooh, fancy!), and at any moment I expect her to jump right in to help Dormouse play his guitar too!

Stand back, Hatter, and just let Alice sing!

Stand back, Hatter, and just let Alice sing!

All the while being one of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever lay eyes on!

She will knock your socks off when you look at her and when you listen to her! And even the boys in the band can’t take their eyes off of her…

Alice having a rockin’ good time with the Mad T Party band!

Alice having a rockin’ good time with the Mad T Party band!

There’s a steely strength to this tiny but mighty girl that makes her absolutely convincing as a rocker chick when she performs. She is utterly fierce when she’s on stage!

And yet, there’s a smile behind that powerhouse that peeks out on occasion to show you she’s secretly loving it all and having a blast being there and singing every one of the classic and current rock songs with the guys.

This is no pop princess. No matter what she’s singing, this girl is pure rock ‘n roll – and she’s phenomenal!

Is she your favorite performer?


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