Performer Spotlight: Dormouse @ The Mad T Party

“What I like about you…”

The Dormouse may look like the typical rock star when he’s on stage at the Mad T Party, but at heart he’s just a guy with a guitar – and when he plays, he’s happy.

And it’s that unexpected incongruence of the look minus the actual attitude, that makes this guy so appealing to watch perform.

Oh yes, he can put on the rock star style when he has to – posing and shouting and leaping to the music…

Dormouse rockin’ out!

Dormouse rockin’ out!

I think to some degree he enjoys getting to be that silly and extreme on stage.

But what really makes him special are the quiet, unguarded moments. Where he’s not trying to act all rock ‘n roll, and he just smiles and enjoys being a part of the madness, and has fun interacting with his bandmates.

He may be the quietest-natured rocker I’ve ever seen. But somehow, this guy pulls it off with charm and a real sweetness.

Dormouse in a quiet moment.

Dormouse in a quiet moment.

He’s is one of the folks at T who just makes me genuinely smile with fondness when he happens to sing a song lyric in my direction. He’s simply endearing to watch on stage (when he’s not being goofy!). Which again, is not the first thing you’d guess when you initially see him – but it makes him a much more unexpectedly intriguing performer than if he was just another rock guitar player stealing center stage for his solo!

Is he your favorite performer?


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