Performer Spotlight: Cheshire Cat @ The Mad T Party

“Well, I was there and I saw what you did…”

T time!

T time!

I would like to say it was his drumming that en-snared me (ha!) first, but this crazy Cheshire Cat won me over when he had me laughing from the first moment I saw him on the Mad T Party stage!

This guy is such a joker. Whether he’s sticking his tongue out at the crowd or making faces or playing around with the equipment on stage (microphone stands frequently change height when he passes by – just sayin’), he was absolutely born to make people laugh. And you can tell it makes him happy to do so. And that he’s also just clearly got a naughty streak to him!

Sorry, guys, I’m watching the drummer!

Sorry, guys, I’m watching the drummer!

But when you get past that silly side, and watch and listen to him play – you’ll find an extraordinarily talented musician, whose ability to make you really experience the music when he plays it, is just amazing.

When this guy plays a song, I can hear and feel the difference in the timing and the percussion and his version becomes the “right” version to my ears. I know his solos and certain patterns because I immediately want to learn them and “air drum” them myself. And I do. Don’t judge. His drumming becomes a part of the choreography of the show for me.

I love it when he’s playing because when I’m watching him, I’m grinning, and when I’m just listening to him, I’m feeling the music. It’s just… visceral to me… when he plays.

IMG_1980 cr wm

This guy makes me so aware of the drum solos and powerful drum beats in the songs that I anticipate them. He makes me conscious of the drums and the powerful emotional role they play in a song, the emphasis they bring, and the form and structure and guidance they provide.

He makes me love his playing. And he makes me laugh. This guy is such a joyous highlight for me whenever he’s at T!

Is he your favorite performer?


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