Performer Spotlight: Cupcake @ The Bootstrappers

“And it’s cheer up, me lads – let your hearts never fail…”

IMG_1072 cr wm

The rather rare sight of Cupcake playing the accordion with The Bootstrappers in New Orleans Square at Disneyland never fails to make me cheer!

While he’s probably one of the more gently quiet of the pirates in this motley crew, there’s also a genuine sweetness to him which I’m guessing is how he got the name “Cupcake”!

Sing it, Cupcake!

Sing it, Cupcake!

I enjoy watching his fingers fly across the accordion, because he plays so well, but I wish he’d step forward more when it comes to performing with the group. He tends to stick to the back a little too much for my preference and let others get more attention! I think he’s a rather shy pirate!

Waiting for a raft to Tom Sawyer Island.

Waiting for a raft to Tom Sawyer Island.

Not everybody needs to take the lead, but I think this guy deserves more recognition than he asks for!

So hey, everybody, look! It’s Cupcake! Isn’t he great?!

Yeah, he really is!

Is he your favorite performer?


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