D23 Expo 2015 Part One: Overview and the Costume Displays

On Friday, August 14th, I attended the D23 Expo 2015. This was my fourth time attending the Expo and it was no better an experience than the previous three times and in my personal opinion, it was probably worse.

It gets progressively more crowded each year. The lines get longer. It is nearly impossible to get into any big presentations without either camping out or waiting many, many hours in line.  There’s a similar crazy long wait just to get into the stores selling limited edition merchandise.  And there seems to be less swag/giveaways each year.

This year’s experience involved a lot of waiting – much of it outside in the hot sun, no panel attendance, only being able to actually get inside one of the three main stores – the Expo’s Dream Store only had a half hour wait to get in by the late afternoon as opposed to the regular Disney Store and the WDI Mickey’s of Glendale store which had 2 ½-3 hour waits all day long just to enter. And of course much of the coveted limited edition merchandise was sold out long before I even entered the convention center after a three hour wait in line outside just to get into the Expo. (We were finally allowed into the building an hour and a half after the time the general public was supposed to enter.)

Honestly, if I wanted the San Diego Comic-Con experience, I’d go back there again!  But I gave up going to that a few years ago after many years of regular attendance once it also became impossible to see anything, do anything or acquire anything – be it limited edition collectibles or swag.

As with Comic-Con, I personally feel the practical negatives (lines, lines, lines) outweigh the theoretical positives (seeing displays, panels, personalities, shopping opportunities). Given the cost to attend and the limited experiences one can have there simply based on line/time constraints, one could just stay at home and check out photos and news reports online rather than actually being there and have a more relaxing, comprehensive perspective of the Expo!

Unless you are a cosplayer – and then it’s pretty much Disney cosplay heaven.  And for that I do recommend going to see the amazing outfits people create along with the costume displays on the exhibition floor, which will be the focus of today’s feature. Over the rest of the week, I will be posting more photo-heavy articles about this year’s Expo.

The two main movie costume displays were from the upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, and the film I’m most looking forward to next year: Alice Through the Looking Glass!

So let’s see what they had on display!

IMG_4479 sm wm

I believe these are John Boyega and Daisy Ridley’s costumes from the new film.

But check out the adorable robot between them who may try to steal our hearts from R2-D2! It’s BB-8!  I think I’m gonna love this little guy!

Behind them stood some Storm Troopers:

IMG_4481 sm wm

And finally, off to the side was Captain Phasma’s very promisingly intimidating gear:

IMG_4483 sm wm

Maybe a bit Cylon-like though? What do you think?

Moving a little further down the Exhibit Hall, I then saw this display area!

IMG_4486 sm wm

This location had a magical mirror video photo booth you could try as well as a few different costume displays from the film including a Young Hatter outfit:

IMG_4490 sm wm

Plus Alice’s Mandarin outfit:

IMG_4491 sm wm

This leaves me optimistic that the story may pick up from Alice’s idea at the end of the first film for her father’s company to open up trading possibilities with China.

I love continuity!

(It might also explain why the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland is being showcased at Shanghai Disneyland! See tomorrow’s article for more details!)

Then the back of the display area contained four more gorgeous costumes from the film:

These are worn by the Red Queen, Hatter, Alice and the White Queen respectively.

These are worn by the Red Queen, Hatter, Alice and the White Queen respectively.

I’m very excited to see how this film will play out given the already fantastic costume designs!

I’m guessing most people are very eager to see the new Star Wars film. But after seeing these costumes is anyone else excited to see the new Alice film too?

Stay tuned for more photos from this past weekend’s D23 Expo coming to Mousertainment this week!


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