Character Spotlight Flashback: Long Lost Friends Week 2013 Part One

Disneyland recently confirmed that the Big Thunder Ranch area is going to be the location of the new Star Wars Land. It is not a total surprise that they will finally use this area for something bigger – many people including myself believed this area was due for larger development!

The Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree area has been closed for several weeks now and at this point may never re-open as the park just announced this venue would not be used for Halloween celebrations and activities this year as it had been for the past few years.

But I’ve had some great times there and wanted to take a look back at one of the best uses of the location a few years ago when the park hosted two separate “Long Lost Friends” weeks as part of their “Limited Time Magic” promotion and this area was absolutely bursting with crowds and activity!

While my primary love is the Mousertainment performers (singers, musicians, dancers etc.), I’m also growing to become a bigger fan of character Meet & Greets – especially if they’re Wonderland characters of course, or just truly magical or unique experiences or interactions. So it was incredibly exciting to see some very rare characters out for these events!

The first such week was held in April 2013.

Here is a sampling of who you might have seen if you’d gone to this event…

Clopin, Esmeralda and Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

IMG_1610 sm wm 2

Mulan as Ping and Mushu from Mulan!

IMG_1623 sm wm

Since Mulan is my favorite Disney Princess, I was particularly thrilled to get to see her – especially in this different outfit than she is often portrayed!

There was also the cast of Pocahontas including my other favorite Disney Princess – Pocahontas with Meeko:

IMG_1621 sm wm

Along with John Smith and Governor Ratcliffe:

IMG_1621 sm wm 2

I was so happy to see characters from one of my favorite eras of Disney animated films (mid 90’s-early 00’s), but there were some great classic characters who appeared at this event as well, including Peter Pan and Wendy:

IMG_1624 sm wm

Yes, Peter Pan can still sometimes be found in the park, but seeing him with Wendy was the special sighting!

And there was a wonderful rare fairy contingent as well, though I didn’t get through the line for that one (did I mention these lines were HUGE here?! People loved seeing all of these different characters!).

Here’s a quick shot of one of Sleeping Beauty’s fairies, Flora, who was out with her fellow fairies, Fauna and Merryweather:

IMG_1616 sm wm

The event proved so popular, that they repeated it again later in the year. Please return tomorrow to see pictures from that event!

Did you attend this Long Lost Friends Week? Who were your favorite characters to see there?


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