Character Spotlight Flashback: Long Lost Friends Week 2013 Part Two

The first “Limited Time Magic” event featuring “Long Lost Friends” was such a success that happily Disneyland brought it back again to the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree at the end of August 2013.

For me the highlight of this second week’s offerings was seeing more characters from one of my favorite eras of Disney animated films (mid 90’s-early 00’s).

Starting off with some of the cast of Tarzan!

IMG_5744 sm wm

This grouping featured Jane, Tarzan and Terk.

As you can probably guess, Tarzan was quite popular. Ahem.

IMG_5743 sm wm

But I was really happy to meet Jane too as she’s such a great character!

However, I was probably most excited to see some of the cast of Hercules!

IMG_5755 sm wm

This grouping featured the absolutely immensely-sized Hades along with Megara and Hercules.

This pairing was particularly adorable together and reminded me why it’s so lovely to catch Disney couples appearing with each other instead of separately! It adds such an extra dimension to see them interacting with each other rather than individually.

IMG_5752 sm wm

Mousertainment Wish List: More princes appearing with their princesses and heroes with their heroines, please, Disney! Even if it’s just for Valentine’s Day as was done a few years ago. We love our Disney duos together! Yet another reason why Tangled needs to return to the Royal Theatre – to have Rapunzel and Flynn together again for more than just one song in Mickey and the Magical Map!

But again there were also classic Disney character groupings at this event including the popular appearance of several of the cast of Robin Hood!

Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John.

Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John.

These events were crazy popular with the locals and tourists alike and it’s a shame that they are not offered more regularly. However, with the loss of the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree as a character location for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and special events such as these “Long Lost Friends” weeks due to the coming Star Wars Land expansion, I’m not sure where Disney would put them.

Perhaps on Stage 17 in Disney California Adventure’s Hollywood Land where the former Dancing with Disney and Olaf’s Snow Fest were held? Although Disneyland Park just “feels” like the better location for classic character Meet & Greets rather than Disney California Adventure. It’s a shame that Mickey’s Toontown is not a better venue for this. But don’t get me started here on other things that could be done with Toontown! Though if you’d really like to hear my thoughts on that… stay tuned later this week!

While Disneyland Park has used the Small World Mall area successfully in the past for smaller Meet & Greets such as with the villains at Halloweentime (or short-term appearances like one I’ll discuss tomorrow) – reportedly that will not occur this year either, but we shall see what happens in the coming weeks!

Did you attend this second Long Lost Friends Week? Who were your favorite characters to see there? And would you like to see such multi-character events happen more regularly?


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