Character Spotlight Flashback: Hercules

IMG_2070 cr wm

2013 was a great year for meeting rare characters at Disneyland Park. Not only were there the “Long Lost Friends” weeks, but there were different celebrations of world cultures that also included appearances by Disney characters from those cultures!

My favorite of these was Opa! A Celebration of Greece, held in May 2013.

Why was that one my favorite? Because it featured this big lug, of course!

IMG_2072 cr wm

Hercules is one of my favorite underappreciated Disney treasures and I never get tired of watching that film. So getting to meet this guy at the park during this event was a real treat!

Especially since they had a section of the Small World Mall area decorated just for him!

The line was long – as was to be expected to meet a character who hadn’t regularly appeared at the park in years! But everyone was excited for this opportunity and I saw several guests dressing and bounding for the occasion!

Happily, he was as sweet and good-natured as one could’ve hoped as we bantered about his visit back to Earth from Olympus for this special circumstance.

Really, he was a complete delight – absolutely no ego for this Greek god!

herc sm wm

In fact the only downside of meeting this guy was that he wasn’t joined by Meg (one of my favorites and one of the most complex Disney heroines). Happily, that was remedied on his next visit a few months later during the second “Long Lost Friends” week!

Did you get to meet Hercules during the Opa! A Celebration of Greece event? Were you sorry he wasn’t joined by Meg?


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