Performer Spotlight: Nigel @ The 80z All-Stars

“I’ll give you anything you want…”

IMG_5076 sm wm

On this Labor Day, I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to spotlight than one of the hardest working performers to hit a Disneyland Resort stage – lead singer Nigel of The 80z All-Stars!

Nigel not only gives the audience anything it wants, but he gives them everything he’s got!

Leapin' lead singers!

Leapin’ lead singers!

A consummate showman with the most amazing wardrobe, he is completely committed to the performance, the music and the fans.

While everyone else in the band embraces the 80’s outrageousness, Nigel owns it – he sings everything with total conviction and yet still with a grin at it all.

He has such a blast, the audience can’t help but have a great time too!

IMG_4471 sm wm

This guy is not only the band’s lead singer, but he’s their best promoter and biggest cheerleader as the band is clearly his baby and he’s proud of it!

I always love his energy and drive whenever he’s on stage! When he’s out there leaping and jumping and running around the stage you just have to jump and dance in response! It’s just not an 80z night without Nigel!

Is he your favorite performer?


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