Performers Spotlight: Tumble Monkeys @ Festival of the Lion King

“It’s our problem-free philosophy…”

IMG_6832 sm wm

In honor of this being the first week of Fall, who better to spotlight than some tumblers? (Ha!)

If ever there was living proof of “Hakuna Matata” or having “no worries”, it’s the Tumble Monkeys at the Festival of the Lion King at Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom!

From their bright yellow color to their giddy bouncing ways, they are simply happiness personified!

Featured in one main section of the show, their so cleverly-choreographed routine allows these ridiculously talented gymnasts to show off their skills by nimbly leaping and bounding up, over and around using a combination of trampolines, bars and rings to swing on – literally! All the while acting like a pack of silly monkeys.

IMG_6831 sm wm

Really, they’re just some of the best things ever! If I could pack them up and put them in my pocket to bring out when I’m feeling blue, they’d do the trick and cure those blues in no time!

This terrific team also looks like the most fun group to perform with – they clearly love what they do and they’re so upbeat! Speaking of which, calling them gymnasts is really far too limiting a term – their number is set to music which makes them every bit talented dancers too!

The Festival of the Lion King show is absolutely wonderful unto itself – but it’s definitely worth seeing just for the Tumble Monkeys alone.

They amaze and amuse and thrill simultaneously – I just LOVE the Tumble Monkeys!

Are they your favorite performers?


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