Savory Snacks – My Top 5 Favorite Disney Non-Sweet Treats

Since we’re celebrating all things music and FOOD this week in honor of the start of the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival, I thought it might be a good time to follow up on a feature I did earlier this year focusing on my favorite frozen treats at Disney Parks.

This time, I want to spotlight some of my favorite non-sweet snacks that I think are some of the best to grab as a bite between meals – although in some cases they may be meals unto themselves!

Since I’m only going with five choices, your favorite may have been left off the list, so please feel free to add in the comments below as I’m always looking for new things to try at the Disney Parks & Resorts!

  1. Bengal Barbecue – Safari Skewer
Safari Skewer - yum!

Safari Skewer – yum!

The lightest and arguably healthiest item on my list is a great snack to enjoy in the cooler months when you’d just like a quick warm bite to eat! While I’ve heard all of the skewers here are great, this is the one that won me over immediately, so I stick to it. It’s a very simple skewer with large cooked asparagus chunks alternating with small pieces of bacon in between. Just plain good! And despite the bacon, it makes you feel like it’s a healthy snack between meals!

  • You can find this treat at Bengal Barbecue in Disneyland Park’s Adventureland.
  1. Cozy Cone Motel – Dill Pickle “Popcone”

IMG_4513 cr wm

I know, what?! This is one of those things you either love or hate. You’ll either find yourself quickly addicted and gobbling this stuff down like mad – or think it’s way too salty and too dill-pickle-flavored and not want anything to do with it. Put me in the addicted category – I love this stuff. Though I’m also partial to the Bacon & Cheddar flavor I’ve occasionally found here and still really want to try the Nacho Cheese flavor that they have had in the past but I’ve never managed to catch in stock. (The flavors change frequently at this location, but usually consist of two options – one for regular Butter flavor and then something more unusual like the popular Dill Pickle.)

  • You can find this treat at the far right Cozy Cone that serves “popcone” in Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land.

Mousertainment Tip: Ask for a sample of any popcorn flavor you’d like to try here and the Cast Members will happily oblige! If you’re going to try the Dill Pickle flavor, let the taste settle for a minute before deciding what you think of it as it has more of a dill aftertaste than an immediate flavor burst.

  1. Pacific Wharf Café – Sourdough Bread Bowl/Loaf
Broccoli & cheese soup with the bread bowl “on the side” (the soup is served in a cup so it doesn’t soak the whole bread bowl).

Broccoli & cheese soup with the bread bowl “on the side” (the soup is served in a cup so it doesn’t soak the whole bread bowl).

Okay, this one is actually a great way to make a meal last as both a meal AND a snack, so it really counts as a Mousertainment Tip, too! One of the best meals at Disney California Adventure is a soup or salad in a sourdough bread bowl at Pacific Wharf Café. BUT… if you ask for your bread bowl “on the side”, then they give the soup or salad to you in a separate container that doesn’t soak into the bread bowl. So you wind up with the whole loaf of bread to pull apart and dip into the soup or munch on while you eat your salad and then you can take the rest of the bread to eat as a snack for the rest of the day! Alternately, you can just buy a loaf or round of the bread by itself without the soup or salad and this soft, fresh sourdough is still a great, filling snack!

  • You can find this treat at the Pacific Wharf Café at Disney California Adventure’s Pacific Wharf.

Mousertainment Tip: When ordering a bread bowl meal with a soup or salad, ask for a bag for your bread and they’ll give you one to carry it in. Extra tip: if they have the seasonal “Loaded Baked Potato” soup – GET THAT!!!

  1. Maurice’s Treats – Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist
Normally I try to use pictures of just the food by itself, but you really need context for the sheer size of this thing!

Normally I try to use pictures of just the food by itself, but you really need context for the sheer size of this thing!

A recent addiction, this warm, soft, cheese-filled & covered treat is HUGE! And can easily be split amongst 2-3 people. Or not. These are so good and so completely filling, they can serve easily as a breakfast unto themselves – especially if paired with a specialty juice drink there!

  • You can find this treat at Maurice’s Treats in the Fantasy Faire area of Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland.
  1. Café Orleans – Pommes Frites
Oh, how I love thee, pommes frites!!!

Oh, how I love thee, pommes frites!!!

Possibly one of the greatest things ever invented. Anywhere. Ever. Okay, yes, basically they’re garlic cheese fries served with a spicy Thousand Island dressing on the side (though when I say “spicy”, it’s barely “hot” at all and since I don’t like genuinely spicy items this one just gives a light kick that even I can enjoy). But, oh – calling these the best-tasting item in the Disneyland Resort is still doing it a disservice. These MUST be tried. And savored. And if you have to, shared. But I have made an entire meal out of one bowl of these all by myself. And I shall do so again, no doubt.

  • You can find this treat at Café Orleans restaurant in Disneyland Park’s New Orleans Square.

Yes, I know I went heavy on the carb-loading here, but they’re all so filling and yummy! And I go to the parks to indulge myself – and each and every one of these is an indulgence I can happily personally endorse!

I also know this list was really Disneyland Resort-focused, but I tend to go more for sweets than savory when I’m at the Walt Disney World Resort. So what have I missed there that’s a must-try non-sweet snack?

What is your favorite Disney savory snack?


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