Show Spotlight: Wilderness Explorer Ceremony

“Caw, Caw, Rawr!”

What is the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony?

IMG_4864 sm wm

Hidden deep within the woods of Disney California Adventure, lies a secret location where only the best and the bravest can become… Wilderness Explorers!

Make your way to the inner circle where Senior Wilderness Explorers will teach the sacred sign and call, as participants can take the pledge to become honorary Wilderness Explorers too!

This appealing audience-participation ceremony takes from the story of Pixar’s UP – and you might meet a character from the movie … or perhaps even spot a wild snipe!

Who are the performers?

IMG_4865 sm wm

Russell and a fellow Wilderness Explorer!

A Senior Wilderness Explorer and Russell from the movie UP will teach all the young ones in the audience what it takes to be a Wilderness Explorer.  If you stay after the ceremony, Russell usually does a Meet & Greet as well.

And if you watch very closely, you might see a flighty friend in this show too!

When and where can I find it?

IMG_4854 sm wm

The Wilderness Explorer Ceremony is held multiple times daily at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in Disney California Adventure. If you’re not sure where to find it along the twisty-windy trail, just ask a friendly local Wilderness Explorer Cast Member for directions.

Check your daily Entertainment Times Guide for the exact schedule.

Mousertainment Tip: While the Walt Disney World Resort doesn’t have this exact experience, they do have special Wilderness Explorer activities available at Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island. Go check it out if you’re visiting that park and you’re an UP fan!

Why spotlight it?

IMG_4863 sm wm

First, I’m a huge fan of the film UP and am so happy to see it represented in the park!

But overall, this is a charming interactive experience for adults and young ones to enjoy together along with getting to see a character in action. It’s really like a shorter, Pixar-oriented version of the Jedi Training Academy.

It’s sweet, it’s funny and it’s a lesser-known but still quite enjoyable show that’s worth stopping by for a few minutes to see.

Have you experienced the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony? Can you recite the Wilderness Explorers pledge?

Update 2/27/16: For those looking to participate in the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony, I’d advise doing so by March 6th.  It is expected to close after that date.


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