Computer Crash – Mousertainment Momentarily on Hold

Due to my computer crashing and dying this morning after a bad Windows update, I frustratingly lost all the blogs I’d written for this week (and much more).  So I won’t be posting until I have a chance to re-write the articles.  And I guess buy a new computer.

I hope to be back up and posting by next weekend, but if I can get some writing done on a borrowed computer, I might get one or two up this weekend.  We’ll see…

Ah, technology…

Update 10/16/15: Working temporarily and in short bursts on a borrowed computer.  Going to try to re-create the blogs I’ve lost but it may take me an extra couple of days for the rewrites.  And the formatting may be slightly different as I don’t have access to all of my old programs and files.  Thanks for your patience!


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