Show Spotlight: Dream Along With Mickey

“Join the party where dreams really do come true!”

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What is Dream Along With Mickey?

This charming stage show tells the story of Mickey Mouse throwing a party for his friends to showcase their dreams. But when Donald Duck says he doesn’t believe in dreams, it’s up to his friends to convince him otherwise!

Filled with singing, dancing and some pyrotechnics, this upbeat show brings great energy to the visual center of the Magic Kingdom park.

Who are the performers?

Hook and Smee and their Fab Four doppelgangers!

Hook and Smee and their Fab Four doppelgangers!

The large cast of characters for this show ranges from the Fab Four of Mickey Mouse and his friends to a bevy of Disney Princesses and their Princes, some classic characters like Peter Pan and Wendy, as well as a villainous appearance or two!

When and where can I find it?

A crowd gathers to watch Dream Along With Mickey.

A crowd gathers to watch Dream Along With Mickey.

Dream Along With Mickey is an approximately 20-minute show performed several times a day, several days per week in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Check your daily Times Guide for the schedule.

Why spotlight it?

Maleficent appears to ruin another party!

Maleficent appears to ruin another party!

This is such an odd duck of a show (if you’ll pardon the expression) in its setting, but I quite like it! Its story is pretty much a smaller-scale redo of Fantasmic! in its conflict between Mickey Mouse and Maleficent via the power of dreams. But I think between Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Fantasmic! show and this – I’d pick this one!

In terms of a similar show, it’s probably closest in equivalence to Mickey and the Magical Map – in that it’s a large-scale show with a lot of dancers and a lot of characters. But unlike Map’s dedicated theater venue, Dream Along With Mickey is held outside on the Cinderella Castle forecourt, meaning it’s subject to weather issues, which in Florida can be a near-daily occurrence at times!

Still, I think it’s definitely one to catch if you can – both as a show and as a great chance to see a lot of characters out together at once. And watching the Princesses dancing with their Princes is probably one of my favorite Disney show moments anywhere! It’s really quite a romantic show at times, all things considered – at least until the villains start to arrive! But really, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from princesses to pirates to villains all against the beautiful backdrop of Cinderella Castle.

Have you stopped to watch Dream Along With Mickey? Do you like its mix of characters and music and dancing?

Update 2/19/16: It was announced this week that Dream Along With Mickey will be closing on April 2nd.  It will be replaced by a new show called “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” featuring characters including Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Tiana, Naveen, Louis, and Anna, Elsa and Olaf.


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